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The Museum of the Object (the purpose) of the Object, MODO for short, is a unique addition to Mexico City's museum scene. It is the first solely dedicated to collecting, preserving, exhibiting and disseminating exhibits related to design and communications.

The musuem has a permanent collection of over 30,000 items collected by museum founder Bruno Newman over decades. This collection forms the base of MODO's academic, research and promotion efforts as well to foment a "culture of design" as well as analysis of communications, especially new media and technologies.

MODO's goal is present itself as a new aspect of the city's cultural scene, being unexpected and uncommon.

The Wikimedia partnership[edit]

The Museo del Objeto del Objeto began its partnership with Wikimedia's Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums program in September 2011. It has so far resulted in several articles related to the museum with its first donation of images authorized on 12 January 2012 and can be seen at Category:Images from the Museo del Objeto del Objeto.

Images from the first image donation[edit]