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GLAM cooperation with the Hamburg Museum.

Inspired by the Tropenmuseum cooperation the Hamburg Museum started their GLAM cooperation in December 2010. This cooperation is based on experiences with other institutions and is Germany's first GLAM cooperation. The purpose of this cooperation is to provide information on the Hamburg Museum's exhibition and collection items on en:Wikipedia and en:Wikimedia Commons. The participation of both, local and international community is key for the success of this cooperation. Several events and projects help boosting active community engagement in order to improve and make us of the Hamburg Museum's content. POC from the community and initiator of this cooperation is Christoph Braun E-Mail Twitter Google+


Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte
Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg
Holstenwall 24
D 20355 Hamburg

Wikipedia: User:Martina Fritz

Phone: +49 40 428132 100
Fax: +49 40 428132 112


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