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Ta strona zwiera zestawienie narzędzi i serwisów, które mogą mogą być przydatne podczas pracy na Wikimedia Commons. Niektóre pozwalają uprościć pewne czynności, inne - wykonywać je w sposób bardziej efektywny, niektóre rozszerzają dostępną funkcjonalność. Niektóre narzędzia mogą być bezpośrednio zintegrowane z interfejsem Wikimedia Commons. Jeśli masz problemy z odtwarzaniem lub oglądaniem materiałów znajdujących się na Wikimedia Commons zajrzyj na stronę pomocy. Jeżeli poszukujesz oprogramowania, przydatnego podczas tworzenia bądź edytowania plików multimedialnych zerknij na stronę z oprogramowaniem.

Organizacja plików[edit]


CommonSense jest stroną, które pomaga odnaleźć właściwą kategorię dla obrazków na Commons. To narzędzie wykorzystuje kopię aktualnej bazy danych na serwerze narzędziowym Wikimedia i jest rozwijane i utrzymywane przez User:Duesentrieb.


OrphanImages to strona, która pozwala odnajdywać obrazki, które nie są przypisane do żadnej kategorii lub nie znajdują się w żadnej galerii. To narzędzie wykorzystuje kopię aktualnej bazy danych na serwerze narzędziowym Wikimedia i jest rozwijane i utrzymywane przez User:Duesentrieb.


UntaggedImages to narzędzie, które ułatwia znajdywanie obrazków, które nie posiadają informacji o licencji. To narzędzie wykorzystuje kopię aktualnej bazy danych na serwerze narzędziowym Wikimedia i jest rozwijane i utrzymywane przez User:Duesentrieb.

Bad Old Ones[edit]

Bad Old Ones lists images in a given category (and subcategories) with dates of their last edits, thumbnails, description, and usage on other Wikimedia projects. Intended for categories containing "bad" images, e.g. Category:Unknown. Developed by User:Magnus Manske.

Commons Dupes[edit]

Compare images marked as duplicates. Developed by User:Magnus Manske.

Commons sum-it-up[edit]

This tool can "summarize" articles from wikipedias connected via interlanguage links by putting the initial paragraph of each article into a language template. ALso finds missing interlanguage links. Developed by User:Magnus Manske.


Screenshot of LicenseToKill

This tool provides a simple GUI to allow easy deletion of multiple files within one category or from a list. Only for Windows with .NET 2.0. Developed by User:Dake.

Add information[edit]

Analyze the free-text description of an image and try to fit it into a standard {{Information}} template. Developed by Magnus Manske.

My "No Information"[edit]

Finds all images not using {{Information}} for a specific user. Invokes Add information.


Find all duplicate images uploaded by a single user. Checks for image dimensions and file size only! This might lead to false duplicates. Will be updated as soon as MediaWiki supports file checksums.


An edit button generator for keep/delete "votes".

What is that?[edit]

Get an image description in multiple languages from thumbnail texts.


Default search is Special:Search (no gallery display). You can search for files by filename, at Special:Newimages; the order is from newest to oldest (by upload date).


Best for searching for a certain license or file size, within a particular category. Developed by User:Duesentrieb.


Keyword search, gallery display. Quite fast. Can display by newest first or by relevance. Developed by User:Tangotango.


You can't put in any keywords, but has a useful display of images within a certain category, with or without a certain template, uploaded by a certain user, etc. Developed by User:Duesentrieb.

Ładowanie plików[edit]


Commonist is a Java program for easy upload of larger numbers of images to Wikimedia Commons and other Mediawiki installations.

Wikimedia Commonplace 2.0 screenshot


Commonplace is a utility for easy upload of larger numbers of files to Wikimedia Commons. Supports drag-and-drop, bulk editing of information, multiple wikis, and all the Commons file formats. Works on Windows as well as UNIX (.NET or Mono). New and improved (i.e. once again functional, and now cross-platform)


VicuñaUploader screenshot

VicuñaUploader is a free tool written in Java designed to upload files to Wikimedia Commons and other Wikimedia projects. VicuñaUploader is a bit similar to Commonist but has some more functionality and different user interface. Among others:

  • It saves metadata in session.xml file: it is possible to prepare files for upload off-line
  • It checks file-name conflicts before sending files to Commons
  • It supports choice of categories
  • It supports geotagging (by simple one-click on a map window)
  • It supports chunked uploads

File upload service script[edit]

A simple Perl script for uploading large numbers of files with metadata to the Commons. It is developed and maintained by User:Eloquence.


A collaborative vetting process for selecting free (Creative Commons CC-BY) photos from Flickr, improving their metadata, and uploading them to Commons. Has resulted in over 6,500 uploads so far. It is developed and maintained by User:Eloquence.


For people who want to upload Flickr pictures by themselves, without waiting for FlickrLIckr

Flickr upload bot[edit]

A service which allows any experienced Commons user to easily upload images from Flickr.

Commons Helper[edit]

This page will generate code that you can copy and paste when moving an image from a Wikipedia to the Commons. Note that you still need to verify the source and only transfer images that have reasonable licenses. You also still need to give the image a category, although the assistant is hooked up to CommonSense, so it can suggest them at the same time. Developed by User:Magnus Manske.

Push for commons[edit]

As a "push for commons", push images from local wikipedias to the commons, find copyright violations, bad or missing license tags, and images on both local wikipedia and commons. Developed by User:Magnus Manske.

Python Wikipedia Bot[edit]

For login with this bot, you need the following:

usernames['commons']['commons'] = 'nick'


  • - to upload files to commons.
  • - Image transfer in local wiki to commons.
  • - Image delete in local wiki already in commons.

Przeglądanie treści[edit]


Check-Usage is a web based tool which can be used to check where commons media is used throughout the Wikimedia universe. Also it is able to find "local" duplicates to Commons media. This tool uses the live database copy on the Wikimedia tool server and is developed and maintained by User:Duesentrieb.


CategoryTree is a tool for showing the category structure as a dynamic tree. This can also be integrated into most browsers as a sidebar. This tool uses the live database copy on the Wikimedia tool server and is developed and maintained by User:Duesentrieb.

Cat-Scan (or CategoryIntersect)[edit]

Allows you to find images (images are a type of 'page') that are in two categories (category intersection), or images in a category by a certain template. It also searches in subcategories of a specified depth (although it fails at 1000 items).

Commons Sum-it-up[edit]

Sum-it-up will try to automatically gather brief descriptions as well as all the interwiki links for a particular topic (use it on article/gallery pages). All you need to know is the name of the corresponding article on a Wikipedia. You can usually copy and paste its output straight into the article page, although be sure to remove any strange descriptions that didn't come out quite right. Developed by User:Magnus Manske.


Useful for those who like tidying categories. Goes through a category and lists which other categories co-occur with it. Good to use on high-level categories to identify redundant categories (such as listing an image in Category:Paris and Category:France).


An alternative Check-Usage tool that does not work on the toolserver and thus may be useful when the toolserver is down. Developed by User:ColdShine. Interface in English and Italian.

Pictures of the Day[edit]

Collects the Commons, English Wikipedia and German Wikipedia Pictures of the Day (POTD) on one page, with convenient links to common screen resolution sized versions. Developed by User:Duesentrieb.


Sets Commons Picture of the day automatically as your Desktop wallpaper daily.


A JavaScript plugin that displays geocoded images on a world map. Developed by User:Dschwen.


A category-based RSS feed by Magnus Manske. Shows thumbnailed image, author/uploader, and license (if found). Links back to commons image/page.


A Flickr-like interface for Commons. No upload, yet.

Patrolowanie i Powiadamianie[edit]


The Gallery tool shows a list of images with information about their tagging and categorization status. It can be used to patrol recent uploads as well as to look at the upload of a given user. It is designed to help you spot any unlabeled, mislabeled or orphan images quickly and easily. Developed by User:Duesentrieb.


CommonsTicker is a bot that notifies individual wikis about changes on Commons that effect them: for example, if an image is marked for deletion, CommonsTicker can warn projects that are using that image. This is intended to improve the integration of commons into "local" projects. Developed by User:Duesentrieb.


ActiveUsers finds active admins, filtered by language (babel boxes). This is intended to help users to find an admin to talk to. Developed by User:Duesentrieb.


Given an image sha1, provides a list of deleted images and the reasons.

Optional numeric parameter base (2>=base>=36, default: 16) for the hash. Optional parameter wiki: a comma split list of databases to check.

New Images[edit]

New Images is a tool used to patrol the latest uploaded files. With that tool, you can have a quick overview of the latest 50 images (but you can decide to go on and check also the older ones...) so you need few time to patrol a great amount of images. This tool is developed by User:Filnik.

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