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Category:US National Archives series: General Color Photographic File of the Department of Navy, compiled 1958 - 1981
No. File Categorized?
1 South China Sea....Crewmen of the amphibious cargo ship USS Durham (LKA-114) take Vietnamese refugees aboard a small... - NARA - 558518.tif ✓ Done
2 The nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVAN-65) cruises in the clear blue water of the Gulf of Tonkin... - NARA - 558507.tif ✓ Done
3 Vietnam....U.S. Marines, grouped in fours and fives in outboard motor boats, approach the beach in an amphibious... - NARA - 558508.tif ✓ Done
4 A Navy gunner mans his 50 caliber machine gun on utility boat as it cruises in the Rung Sat zone of South Vietnam... - NARA - 558509.tif ✓ Done
5 Actress Carol Baker throws open her arms to the men of the aircraft carrier Ticonderoga (CVA-14) as the ship steams... - NARA - 558510.tif ✓ Done
6 South Vietnam - Medical evacuation patients on the deck of the Amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli (LPH-10) await... - NARA - 558511.tif ✓ Done
7 Republic of Vietnam...Members of U.S. Navy Seal Team One move down the Bassac River in a Seal team Assault Boat... - NARA - 558512.tif ✓ Done
8 Cam Rahn Bay, Republic of Vietnam...President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, Addresses U.S. Troops During a... - NARA - 558513.tif ✓ Done
9 Camp Campbell, Phu Bai, Republic of Vietnam... A Vietnamese boy carries a young child. - NARA - 558514.tif ✓ Done
10 South Vietnam....A U.S. Navy patrol air cushion vehicle (PACV) glides over the waters of Cau Hai Bay near Hue. - NARA - 558515.tif ✓ Done
11 Vietnam....U.S. Navy inshore patrol craft PCF-38 of Coastal Division 11 patrols the Cai Ngay Canal. - NARA - 558516.tif ✓ Done
12 Vietnam. Three Fighter Squadron 161 (VF-161) F-4D Phantom II fighter aircraft from the attack aircraft carrier USS... - NARA - 558517.tif ✓ Done
13 South China Sea...Captain William R. Flanagan, Commanding officer of the attack aircraft carrier USS Constellation... - NARA - 558520.tif ✓ Done
14 Naval Air station moffet field, California. A peaceful demonstrator protesting the war in Vietnam displays his sign... - NARA - 558521.tif ✓ Done
15 James Earl "Jimmy" Carter - NARA - 558522.tif ✓ Done
16 Ronald Reagan - NARA - 558523.tif ✓ Done
17 George Bush - NARA - 558524.tif ✓ Done
18 James Earl "Jimmy" Carter - NARA - 558522.jpg ✓ Done
19 Ronald Reagan - NARA - 558523.jpg ✓ Done
20 George Bush - NARA - 558524.jpg ✓ Done