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Category:US National Archives series: George H. W. Bush Presidential Photographs, compiled 01/20/1989 - 01/20/1993
No. File Categorized?
1 George Bush, Navy pilot during World War II - NARA - 186380.tif ✓ Done
2 George Bush in the cockpit of his TBM Avenger during World War II - NARA - 186383.tif ✓ Done
3 George Bush being rescued by the submarine, the U.S.S. Finback, after being shot down while on a bombing run of the... - NARA - 186382.tif ✓ Done
4 George and Barbara Bush on their wedding day in Rye, New York - NARA - 186372.tif ✓ Done
5 George Bush, captain of the Yale baseball team, receives Babe Ruth's manuscript of his autobiography which he was... - NARA - 186375.tif ✓ Done
6 George and Barbara Bush with their first born child George W. Bush, while Bush was a student at Yale - NARA - 186384.tif ✓ Done
7 George Bush in the oil fields - NARA - 186379.tif
8 The George Bush family in 1964 in Houston - NARA - 186377.tif ✓ Done
9 George and Barbara Bush in Houston, Texas on the night which George Bush was elected to Congress - NARA - 186373.tif ✓ Done
10 U.S. Congressman George Bush, 1966-1970 - NARA - 186374.tif ✓ Done
11 George Bush as United Nations Representative, 1971-72 - NARA - 186386.tif ✓ Done
12 George Bush as United States Liaison to China, 1974-1975 - NARA - 186378.tif ✓ Done
13 Vice President Bush visits NATO forces in Nuremburg, West Germany - NARA - 186365.tif ✓ Done
14 Vice President Bush and President Reagan working in the Oval Office - NARA - 186367.tif ✓ Done
15 Vice President Bush address the Young Republican Dinner - NARA - 186366.tif ✓ Done
16 Vice President and Mrs. Bush traveling on Air Force II during the 1984 Presidential Campaign - NARA - 186368.tif ✓ Done
17 Vice President and Mrs. Bush at their summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine with their family - NARA - 186369.tif ✓ Done
18 Vice President Bush picnics on the lawn of his Kennebunkport home with his family - NARA - 186370.tif ✓ Done
19 President-elect and Mrs. Bush have their picture taken by their granddaughter, Barbara Bush, at the Inaugural Gala on... - NARA - 186371.tif ✓ Done
20 George Bush at twelve years old - NARA - 186381.tif ✓ Done
21 Prescott and Dorothy Bush - NARA - 186385.tif
22 George Bush takes the Oath of Office as the 41st President of the United States - NARA - 186387.tif ✓ Done
23 President and Mrs. Bush walk along Pennsylvania Avenue after the President's Inauguration - NARA - 186388.tif
24 President Bush works at his desk in the Oval Office as Mrs. Bush looks at photographs on the table behind the Oval... - NARA - 186389.tif ✓ Done
25 President Bush walks on the South Lawn of the White House, followed by Millie and her puppies - NARA - 186390.tif ✓ Done
26 President Bush waves from Air Force One as he departs Chicago O'Hare Airport - NARA - 186391.tif ✓ Done
27 President Bush walks with Prime Minister Mulroney of Canada on the White House Grounds - NARA - 186392.tif ✓ Done
28 President Bush and Vice President Quayle pose together for their official portrait - NARA - 186393.tif
29 President Bush makes a speech at the Iwo Jima Memorial regarding the American Flag - NARA - 186394.tif ✓ Done
30 President and Mrs. Bush pose with their grandchildren on the rocks at Walker's Point in Kennebunkport, Maine - NARA - 186395.tif ✓ Done
31 President and Mrs. Bush walk towards their home on Walker's Point after the President's arrival from Washington - NARA - 186396.tif
32 President Bush goes golfing at Cape Arundel Golf Course in Kennebunkport, Maine - NARA - 186397.tif
33 President Bush goes fishing with his son Marvin Bush in Kennebunkport, Maine - NARA - 186398.tif
34 President Bush conducts a full Cabinet Meeting in the Cabinet Room - NARA - 186399.tif
35 Mrs. Bush attends the United Nations International Literacy Day Celebration in New York City with children from the... - NARA - 186400.tif
36 President Bush attends the seond working session of the Education Summit in Charlottesville, Virginia - NARA - 186401.tif
37 President Bush holds Jessica McClure during the Midland Community Spirit Award Presentation in the Roosevelt Room at... - NARA - 186402.tif
38 President Bush meets privately with Solidarity Leader Lech Walesa of Poland in the residence - NARA - 186403.tif
39 President Bush is presented with a piece of the Berlin Wall by West German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher in... - NARA - 186404.tif ✓ Done
40 President Bush has lunch with Soviet President Gorbachev aboard the Maxim Gorky during the Malta Summit - NARA - 186405.tif
41 President Bush talks on the telephone regarding the situation in Panama in the Oval Office Study as General Scowcroft... - NARA - 186406.tif ✓ Done
42 President Bush visits the Everglades National Park and participates in a discussion with sixth grade students who are... - NARA - 186407.tif ✓ Done
43 President and Mrs. Bush await the arrival of President Ali Abdallah Saleh of the Yemen Arab Republic for a State... - NARA - 186408.tif
44 President and Mrs. Bush participate in a tree planting ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House - NARA - 186409.tif ✓ Done
45 President and Mrs. Bush help kick-off Great American Workout Month by participating in the Great American Workout... - NARA - 186410.tif
46 President Bush participates in a budget meeting with Congressional Leadership - NARA - 186411.tif
47 Mrs. Bush and Raisa Gorbachev deliver Commencement Addresses at Wellesley College - NARA - 186412.tif
48 President Bush meets with world leaders at the Economic Summit in Houston, Texas - NARA - 186413.tif ✓ Done
49 President Bush departs the South Lawn of the White House aboard Marine One - NARA - 186414.tif ✓ Done
50 President Bush signs into law the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 on the South Lawn of the White House - NARA - 186415.tif ✓ Done
51 President Bush participates in a full National Security Council meeting regarding Iraq's invasion of Kuwait with... - NARA - 186416.tif
52 President Bush, accompanied by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, addresses the Aspen Institute Symposium in Aspen... - NARA - 186417.tif ✓ Done
53 President Bush meets with National Security Advisors regarding Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in Aspen Lodge at Camp David - NARA - 186418.tif ✓ Done
54 President Bush fishes in Kennebunkport, Maine - NARA - 186419.tif ✓ Done
55 President Bush and President Gorbachev give a joint press conference at Findlandia Hall, Helsinki, Findland during... - NARA - 186420.tif ✓ Done
56 President Bush meets with the Amir of Kuwait, Jabir Al-Ahmad Al-Jabir Al-Sabah at the White House - NARA - 186421.tif
57 President Bush joins other world leaders during the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe for a group... - NARA - 186422.tif ✓ Done
58 Photograph of President George H. W. Bush Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner with Troops - NARA - 186423.tif
59 President Bush rides in a HUMVEE with General H. Norman Schwarzkopf during his visit with troops in Saudi Arabia on... - NARA - 186424.tif ✓ Done
60 President and Mrs. Bush greet the troops of the First Division Marine Command Post during their visit to Saudi Arabia... - NARA - 186425.tif
61 Mrs. Bush visits patients at Children's Hospital in Washington, D.C - NARA - 186426.tif
62 President Bush meets with Secretary Dick Cheney, General Colin Powell, General Scowcroft, Governor Sununu and Robert... - NARA - 186427.tif ✓ Done
63 President Bush goes sledding at Camp David with his daughter Doro - NARA - 186428.tif ✓ Done
64 President Bush meets with General Colin Powell, General Scowcroft, Secretary James Baker, Vice President Quayle... - NARA - 186429.tif
65 President Bush talks to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in the Oval Office Study about the commencement of Operation... - NARA - 186430.tif ✓ Done
66 President Bush addresses a Joint Session of Congress regarding the end of the War with Iraq - NARA - 186431.tif ✓ Done
67 President Bush reads a book to children during Great American Read Aloud Day in the Diplomatic Reception Room - NARA - 186432.tif
68 President and Mrs. Bush host a State Dinner for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of Great Britain at the White House - NARA - 186433.tif ✓ Done
69 President Bush greets General H. Norman Schwarzkopf who leads the Desert Storm Homecoming Parade in Washington, D.C - NARA - 186434.tif
70 President Bush and President Gorbachev sign the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) in the Kremlin in Moscow... - NARA - 186435.tif ✓ Done
71 President Bush goes for a hike on the Kaibab Trail at the Grand Canyon in Arizona - NARA - 186436.tif
72 Mrs. Bush and Missouri Governor John Ashcroft attend a "Parents as Teachers" parent-child group at the... - NARA - 186437.tif
73 President and Mrs. Bush walk towards Marine One to leave for Camp David - NARA - 186438.tif
74 President Bush addresses the Middle East Peace Conference at the Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain - NARA - 186439.tif
75 President Bush participates in a group photo with former presidents Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and... - NARA - 186440.tif
76 President and Mrs. Bush pose with the former presidents and first ladies in the replica of the Oval Office at the... - NARA - 186441.tif
77 President Bush walks with his dogs, Millie and Ranger, at Camp David - NARA - 186442.tif ✓ Done
78 President Bush addresses the ceremony for the Fiftieth Commemorative Anniversary of Pearl Harbor at the Arizona... - NARA - 186443.tif
79 President Bush plays with children in a jungle gym at the Emily Harris Head Start Center in Catonsville, Maryland... - NARA - 186444.tif ✓ Done
80 President Bush, Vice President Quayle and representatives of the Young Astronauts Council participate in a... - NARA - 186445.tif ✓ Done
81 President Bush meets with King Hussein of Jordan in the Oval Office - NARA - 186446.tif ✓ Done
82 President Bush poses with his cabinet for the 1992 Official Cabinet portrait - NARA - 186447.tif ✓ Done
83 President Bush walks along the colonnade with Vice President Quayle enroute to the Oval Office - NARA - 186448.tif ✓ Done
84 President Bush walks up the South Lawn towards the Oval Office with his son, George W. Bush - NARA - 186449.tif ✓ Done
85 President Bush and Prime Minister John Major of Great Britain participate in a press availability at Camp David - NARA - 186450.tif ✓ Done
86 President and Mrs. Bush show Russian President Boris Yeltsin the South Grounds of the White House and stop at the... - NARA - 186451.tif ✓ Done
87 President and Mrs. Bush host a State Dinner for Russian President and Mrs. Boris Yeltsin at the White House - NARA - 186452.tif ✓ Done
88 President Bush participates in the annual horseshoe tournament at the White House horseshoe pit - NARA - 186453.tif ✓ Done
89 President Bush participates in a full cabinet meeting in the cabinet room - NARA - 186454.tif ✓ Done
90 President and Mrs. Bush pose with their children, their spouses and grandchildren for a family portrait in Houston... - NARA - 186455.tif ✓ Done
91 During Mrs. Bush's speech at the Republican National Convention at the Houston Astrodome, her grandson George P. Bush... - NARA - 186456.tif ✓ Done
92 President Bush addresses the Norristown, Pennsylvania High School Community - NARA - 186457.tif
93 President and Mrs. Bush walk with their grandchildren at Camp David - NARA - 186458.tif ✓ Done
94 President Bush waves from the back of the train outside of Bowling Green as he travels on a whistlestop campaign... - NARA - 186459.tif ✓ Done
95 President Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mexican President Carlos Salinas participate in the... - NARA - 186460.tif ✓ Done
96 President Bush works at his office in Laurel Lodge at Camp David - NARA - 186461.tif ✓ Done
97 President Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin sign the Start II Treaty at a Ceremony in Vladimir Hall, The... - NARA - 186462.tif ✓ Done
98 President Bush presents the Medal of Freedom award to former President Ronald Reagan at a ceremony in the East Room - NARA - 186463.tif ✓ Done
99 President and Mrs. Bush take a last walk around the White House Grounds - NARA - 186464.tif ✓ Done