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Category:US National Archives series: Historical Photograph Files, compiled 1945 - 1977
No. File Categorized?
1 Aviation Ordnanceman Second Class R. P. Wilson of Hinton, West Virginia, (left), and Aviation Ordnanceman Third Class... - NARA - 295600.tif ✓ Done
2 An airplane taking off with the aid of 330 horsepower jet-assisted unit in about half the normal run. - NARA - 295602.tif ✓ Done
3 Lt. E. G. Ellyson, first naval aviator, starting engine. - NARA - 295603.tif ✓ Done
4 Lt. E. G. Ellyson, naval aviator No. 1. - NARA - 295604.tif ✓ Done
5 Pilot and photographer in AH-14 aircraft with Graflex camera. - NARA - 295605.tif ✓ Done
6 Torpedo being dropped from R6L plane. - NARA - 295606.tif ✓ Done
7 The first aircraft to fly the Atlantic. There were three of these NC-4's which started across the Atlantic in May... - NARA - 295607.tif ✓ Done
8 F4b-4 from squadron D-2 (pre-World War II). - NARA - 295608.tif ✓ Done
9 Aircraft returned from war zone (Pacific) for repair, NAS, Point Mugu, California. - NARA - 295609.tif ✓ Done
10 Wreck of U. S. destroyers Sept. 8, 1923. Honda Rocks, Santa Barbara Co., California. - NARA - 295610.tif ✓ Done
11 E.B. Ely and his flying machine on U.S.S. Pennsylvania. - NARA - 295612.tif ✓ Done
12 Sea plane being catapulted. Note catapult cradle falling from plane. - NARA - 295613.tif ✓ Done
13 (Pilot standing next to his aircraft.) - NARA - 295615.tif ✓ Done
14 (Pilot and ground crew under engine cowling and propellers of their aircraft.) - NARA - 295616.tif ✓ Done
15 (Launch pad with rocket on board ready for firing in close proximity to trailer marked NMC Target Department.) - NARA - 295617.tif ✓ Done