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A Young Man Reading by Candlelight (Matthias Stom)

A Studio Idyll. The Artist's Wife and their Daughter (Carl Larsson)

The Lady with the Veil (Alexander Roslin)

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Nationalmuseum is Sweden’s premier museum of art and design. The Nationalmuseum's mission is to preserve cultural heritage and promote art, make it accessible and help to build knowledge. The collection comprises of older art up to around 1900 as well as applied art and design from the 16th century up to the present day.

The Contribution[edit]

The around 3000 images provided to the public via Wikimedia Commons depict paintings in the Nationalmuseum's collection, from the 16th to the 19th century. Also included are all of the public domain paintings in the National Portrait Gallery.

In order to offer a larger audience the possibility to experience the art in the Nationalmuseum's collection, a collaboration between Nationalmuseum and Wikimedia Sweden was started in 2015. As a part of this collaboration, Nationalmuseum provided 3000 images of paintings in the collection in high resolution to Wikimedia Commons, marked Public Domain. More public domain images of drawings and graphic works as well as CC BY-SA licensed images of sculptures and applied art can be found in the Nationalmuseum's online database

Most of the images have a corresponding object on Wikidata that originates from the Nationalmuseum's dataset in Europeana. The collaboration, which includes data on Swedish and international artists is in line with Wikimedia Sverige's and the Central Museums' of Sweden declaration of intent that was signed in 2012.[1]

The images[edit]

  • The metadata to all images is marked CC0,
  • The images are marked as public domain which means they can be used for all purposes. Nationalmuseum decided in 2016 to mark all faithful digital reproductions of two-dimensional works of art in the public domain with the public domain mark.
  • In accordance with the Europeana Public Domain user guidelines, Nationalmuseum kindly asks to credit creator, e.g. the artist. Please also credit the museum and the photographer who provided the work, if such credit is possible. The more you credit the institution the greater the encouragement will be for other institutions to put more public domain works online.

All uploads go into the category Images from the Nationalmuseum Stockholm.

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Reporting errors[edit]

Due to the fact that file names and descriptions have been automatically generated from old catalogue texts that may not have been recently edited, there may be information connected to our images that we would today consider racist, sexist or in other ways discriminating. We invite users to update these descriptions but ask that they leave the fields marked Original caption unchanged.

We invite users to report problems, factual errors or other metadata issues on the talk page.

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