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Neuchâtel's Alma Mater and Wikimedia CH, the association for the advancement of free knowledge, have signed an agreement for the digitization and dissemination on Wikimedia Commons of photographs of dried pressed specimens of Swiss plants from the herbarium of the University of Neuchâtel (UniNE).


The University of Neuchâtel is a public institution whose research and teaching contribute to the improvement, advancement and dissemination of knowledge.


Neuchâtel Herbarium - Polystichum lobatum - NEU000001243 cropped.tif
Neuchatel Herbarium pile of sample (1).jpg

Neuchâtel Herbarium is the code name of a cooperation project between the University of Neuchâtel and Wikimedia CH. It consists in the digitization of a part of the herbarium of the university.

Wikimedia CH is the Swiss chapter approved by the Wikimedia Foundation, created to support creation, collection and distribution of Open Content in a not-for-profit way in order to support education and equal opportunity of access to knowledge.


The aim of this project is to digitize a part of the Swiss herbarium of the Neuchâtel Herbarium. A Wikipedian in Residence actually started on 25 June 2012 to digitize the material (target 30 to 40 000 pictures). Pictures will be upload by batch in Wikimedia Commons after being verified.

This first phase of the project is financed by Wikimedia CH.


Report by Jason Grant, May 2015.
The 100000th sheet digitized
  • Start in June 2012
  • Winter 2012: Education project, 8 students of the university take part in the digitization effort
  • January 2013: All the Gymnosperms have been digitized: 3861 pictures, among them 3789 are in the upload phase. Today, 42908 pictures of Angiosperms are ready to be upload and waiting for the bot flag. The sum of all the pictures is 46697, with 9334 taken by the students and the rest by the Wikimedia CH photographer.
  • May 28 2013: 50.000 herbarium sheets digitized
  • June 11 2013: end of the Upload of the Gymnospermes 3982 files
  • July 11 2013: 60.000 herbarium sheets digitized
  • June 11 2015: 101.043 herbarium sheets digitized and 38.718 files uploaded on commons

List of all taxons digitized[edit]

133 Families and 4049 species in June 2015

Ongoing work[edit]

  1. categorizing those categories
  2. create the description page of those categories
  3. fix those taxon without a category
  4. delete those mistake

Category template[edit]

  1. fill the category page descrittion with:
|de=german commun name
|fr=french common name
|en=english common name
|it=italian common name
classification=APGIII|                     <-- classification= should be at the beginning
include=angiosperms|                       <-- include= should be at the second position
Species|Cinnamomum camphora|               <-- here you must put the whole species name, for the link to the potential category
authority=(L.) J. Presl}}                  <-- authority= should be at the end

if taxon name do not belong to APGIII add:

  • [[category:Neuchâtel_Herbarium_Project_no_APGIII_categories]]

but if taxon name is a synonymous of APGIII name, then categorize under:

  • [[category:Neuchâtel_Herbarium_Project_APGIII_synonymous]]

fixing the lack of "herbarium specimens" in the category[edit]

  • Regex to change the categorization in the file:Find \[\[Category:(\b[a-zA-Z]{3,}_[a-zA-Z]{3,}\b)]] replace by [[Category:$1_(herbarium_specimens)]]

naming mistake[edit]

if the category name is wrong due to a typo, then categorize the category (not the herbarium sheets file inside) under [[category:Neuchâtel Herbarium Project file needing to be renamed]]

You need a higher file resolution?[edit]

Some files have been uploaded in a medium size or in full size but JPEG, if you need a better quality, just ask chandres

Specimen template[edit]

|institution={{Institution:University of Neuchâtel}}
<TMPL_IF NAME=IWEN>{{en|1=Dried pressed specimen of ''[[:en:<TMPL_VAR NAME=IWEN>]]''}}</TMPL_IF>
<TMPL_IF NAME=IWDE>{{de|1=Getrocknetes und gepresstes Exemplar von ''[[:de:<TMPL_VAR NAME=IWDE>]]''}}</TMPL_IF>
<TMPL_IF NAME=IWFR>{{fr|1=Spécimen de plante séchée et pressée de l'espèce ''[[:fr:<TMPL_VAR NAME=IWFR>]]''}}</TMPL_IF>
<TMPL_IF NAME=IWIT>{{it|1=Esemplare di pianta essiccata e pressata della specie ''[[:it:<TMPL_VAR NAME=IWIT>]]''}}</TMPL_IF>
|source={{Neuchâtel Herbarium}}
|author=[[User:Neuchâtel Herbarium|Neuchâtel Herbarium]]
|other_fields= {{Information field

Licensing and credits[edit]

The participants to this projet chose to place the result of their collaborative work under the CC-By-SA 3.0 license. They also chose to give the credit of authorship to the project itself "Neuchâtel Herbarium" to emphasize the collaborative nature of this work.

Financial support[edit]

Logo Loterie Romande

The Digitization of the Neuchatel Herbarium is fund by Wikimedia CH and the Loterie Romande.

Press coverage[edit]

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