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This is a list of frequently-asked questions on the OTRS noticeboard. Please check whether your question is answered here before adding a message to the noticeboard. If you can't find your question, then add a message to the noticeboard.

Please do not leave your email address, telephone number, or other contact details on the noticeboard. Your question will receive a response on the noticeboard itself, and not by email.

I just uploaded a file, and want to tell you that I've sent in an email
There is no need to do this. As long as you have placed the {{OTRS pending}} template on the file description page, the file will not be deleted and the email will be placed in a queue where emails are answered in the order received. The current queue for emails in English is approximately 60 days. Queues in other languages may be even longer.
I sent in an email less than 14 days ago and still haven't got a reply
Please be patient. We receive thousands of emails a day and they are all processed in the order they are received. Please don't resend the email; this will at best accomplish nothing and at worst delay response to other people's requests.
I sent in an email 14 days ago or longer and still haven't got a reply
You can add a message to the noticeboard if you wish. Please try to specify some details that will help us find the email, like the subject or some part of the text. If you have a sixteen-digit ticket number, include that too. We don't recommend including your full email address, as the noticeboard is very widely visible across the internet, but you could include the part before the @.
I got a scary warning that my file will be deleted because I haven't sent in an email
See the previous question. Don't worry about the file being deleted. Deleted files can be restored by an administrator once permission has been made clear.
Can you give me permission to use a file?
No. Please don't post requests for permission to use content from this site. The content can be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the license displayed on the file description page.