Commons:OpenRefine/Community meetup 22 February 2022

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This meetup included a demo of the newly developed Wikimedia Commons Reconciliation Service

Over 2021-22, OpenRefine is being extended with Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons (SDC) support. This project is funded by a Wikimedia Foundation Project Grant.

On Tuesday, February 22, the OpenRefine team working on these functionalities presented an update and a first demo of the newly developed SDC editing functionalities in OpenRefine and talked about what's next.

Video recording[edit]


Slideshow with (some) speaker notes of the meetup

This meetup covered:

  • Update on past, current and future Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons development in OpenRefine, by Sandra Fauconnier
  • Demo of 🚧 Wikimedia Commons reconciliation and SDC editing via OpenRefine 🚧 including use cases, by Sandra Fauconnier and Alicia Fagerving (WMSE)
  • Updates and tips about SDC data modeling and Wikitext
  • Q&A with the team

The General friendly space policy for Wikimedia events was observed during this meetup.


The OpenRefine team working on Structured Data on Commons functionalities is: