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Shortcut: COM:PAT


Latest version: 20.04
Pattypan uploader flyer
Screenshot of a filled-in Pattypan spreadsheet

Pattypan is an open-source tool written in Java by Yarl and designed to upload files to Wikimedia Commons and other Wikimedia projects.


Upload files to Wikimedia Commons. The Spreadsheet Way.

Pattypan is a desktop uploader that enables a high amount of flexibility when proper, detailed image descriptions are important for the images' reuse on Wikimedia projects.

It lets the user:

  • Choose a Commons template, for instance: {{Artwork}}, {{Information}}, {{Photograph}}, then choose needed, specific description fields from that template;
  • Choose a user-generated wikicode for file description and license information;
  • It supports the input of wikicode in any field
  • It makes uploads from one source faster (all repetitive information needs only to be copied across)
  • It offers users a preview of the files' descriptions on Commons before uploading, and lists any errors or empty fields
  • The program generates a spreadsheet in a folder containing files to be uploaded. The users then select their desired description template/fields, and fill in the spreadsheet with relevant information (and wikicode where necessary).
  • It offers the option to deselect unnecessary fields, and to pre-fill selected fields for all files.


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