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On March, 1, 2015, the "Wikimedians of Bulgaria" User Group started a GLAM collaboration with the "Philippopolis" Numismatic Society, located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The collaboration is initiated and coordinated by VladislavNedelev, and assisted by Spiritia.

In the frames of the project, the Numismatic Society provides for upload under the free license Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY-4.0) their collection of 236 photos of 118 ancient coins, minted in Bulgarian second largest city, Plovdiv, in the ancient Roman times when it used to be called Philippopolis. The collection comprises some well preserved bronze coints, minted during the reign of eleven Roman Emperors from 81 to 222 year AD, among whom Antoninus Pius, Caracalla, Commodus, Elagabalus, Geta, Marcus Aurelius and Septimius Severus.

For each coin from the collection, the Society provides two photos - averse and reverse, which were taken by a professional photographer in resolution of 945×945 pixels. The pictures are accompanied with the inscriptions on the coins, as recognized by expert numismatists, as well with additional data like the name of the emperor, who minted the coin, the period of his reign, as well as the coins weight.

In this way, Numismatic Society "Philippopolis" hopes to make a contribution to the illustration and raising the quality of the information in Wikipedia. Some related Wikipedia articles in the area of numismatics and Roman coin minting in Bulgaria will also be written in the frames of the cooperation.

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