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English: This project started at the end of September 2006. It aims at uploading pictures from to Commons (GFDL licence)


Brief introduction[edit]

The site Picswiss is one of the most complete source of pictures of Switzerland under a free-licence. The author of this site is Roland Zumbühl, he has an account on Commons and an account on de.wikipedia. He accepted to release his pictures in low resolution (72dpi, as available dirtectly on his site) under the GFDL licence, see authorization here in German: Commons:Picswiss/Permission. Only pictures by Roland Zumbühl may be uploaded. Note that there are some pictures from other authors on Picswiss.

With more than 13000 pictures, Picswiss proved to be very useful to illustrate articles related to Switzerland. Prior to this project, users imported images from Picswiss when a picture was needed. This project aims at covering the whole set of pictures available on Picswiss and uploading them on Commons for an easier and quicker use.

Technical explanation[edit]

To upload pictures on Commons, one needed a way to extract pictures from Picswiss itself. A mirror of the site has been set up. The data are extracted from HTML using a C# tool specially developed for that purpose. There are some minor differences between the pages and the parsing method has to be refined from time to time, but it works quite well. The tool uploads the pictures on Commons, currently with the login User:Dake. I will release the code if someone is interested (it was quickly coded...hmm)

A template has also been created to enhance the original Picswiss template on Commons, see File:Picswiss ZG-04-53.jpg. For example:

{{Information Picswiss|description={{de|PHZ St. Michael in Zug}}|date=2005-06-18|flag=zg}}

One can easily use this template to tag a picture with the proper caption.

Important: By default, this template marks images tagged with it as eligible for relicensing. This is not correct for Picswiss images uploaded to Commons after 1 November 2008. When uploading any new images from Picswiss, remember to add the parameter "migration=not eligible"!

As Picswiss pages are in German, the automatically extracted comments are in German. Translations are welcome in the description pages.

Naming of the files[edit]

The files are named according to the scheme used on Picswiss. A "picswiss" prefix is appended to differentiate these files from the rest of the images on Commons.

Things to do[edit]

The categorization of the pictures is (too) simple. It is currently based on the canton. People are invited to add more categories, add comments in various languages, etc.


The project is in its early days but many pictures have already been uploaded. Some stats will be available soon.


Canton Serie Total
AG 01 108
AI 01 112
BE 01 40
BL 01 435
FR 01 210
FR 01 210
GL 01 172
JU 01 45
LU 01 289
NE 01 192
NW 01 59
OW 01 88
SG 01 120
SH 01 96
SO 01 125
SZ 01 197
TG 01 24
TI 01 172
UR 01 179
VS 01 40
ZG 01 85
ZH 01 110
SO 02 24
SZ 02 88
UR 02 8
BS 02 112
VD 02 344
BS 05 394
VD 05 64
BL 06 155