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Third Annual Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year

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If you want to volunteer to be a committee member or an assistant, please add your name here, join the mailing list and take part in the preparation discussion!


  • Email: All committee members will receive this email. This list is not active as for now, although still available. It is a private mailing list: archives are only available to list members, membership requires approval of the committee.


The committee has the following responsibilities:

  1. take part in or assist POTY2008
  2. announce the results, contact the winners


To become a member or an assistant, add your name below with your language capabilities (comments are welcome).

Consider sending an email to


Core members[edit]




We need to get as many people voting as possible. Announcements need to be posted in as many village pumps/site notices/mail lists as possible, on as many projects as possible (not only Wikipedia!)


  • Chat: commons-l/foundation-l: ✓ Done
  • en: all English projects:
  • de:Wikipedia:
  • es: All Spanish-language Wikimedia projects:
  • fi: Most of the fi projects:
  • fr: ✓ Done Posted on all village pumps (pedia, news, quote, source, wikiversity, books, wiktionary). Also at w:fr:Wikipédia:Annonces
  • it:Wikipedia,Wikiquote,Commons,Wikibooks,Wikinotizie:
  • ms: Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks:
  • nl: wikipedia,wiktionary,wikisource,wikibooks
  • pt: Wikimedia projects, + Commons:Esplanada:
  • sv:Wikipedia,Wikinews,Commons,Wikisource,Wikibooks,Wikiquote,Wiktionary:
  • cs: Wikipedia, Commons, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikiquote