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POTY barnstar 1 2009.svg
POTY barnstar 1 2009.svg

Fourth Annual Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year

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Commons Picture of the Year 2009

Sikh pilgrim at the Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) in Amritsar, India.jpg

Commons Picture of the Year 2009

POTY barnstar 1 2009.svg
 : # 1 – 62 votes in Final;
Sikh pilgrim at the Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) in Amritsar, India. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Paulrudd .

Elakala Waterfalls Swirling Pool Mossy Rocks.jpg
POTY barnstar 2 2009.svg
# 2 – 56 votes in Final;
Elakala Waterfalls in the Blackwater Falls State park, West Virginia, United States. (POTD)
Credit: Forest Wander from Cross Lanes, USA .

Russian honor guard at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Alexander Garden welcomes Michael G. Mullen 2009-06-26 2.jpg
POTY barnstar 3 2009.svg
# 3 – 52 votes in Final;
The Russian military honor guard welcomes U.S. Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, during a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow, Russia, June 26, 2009. Mullen is on a three-day trip to the country, meeting with counterparts and touring the Russian military academy. (POTD)
Credit: MC1 Chad J. McNeeley .

Apis mellifera flying.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 4 – 37 votes in Final;
A European Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) flying back to its hive carrying pollen in a pollen basket. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Muhammad Mahdi Karim .

Wildpferde Tripsdrill.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 5 – 35 votes in Final;
Wild horses in Erlebnispark Tripsdrill, near Cleebronn, Germany. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Brackenheim, Robin Müller .

360-degree Panorama of the Southern Sky.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 6 – 34 votes in Final;
The Milky Way arches across this 360-degree panorama of the night sky above the Paranal platform, home of ESO’s Very Large Telescope. (POTD)
Credit: ESO/H.H. Heyer .

Bois du Cazier 2.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 7 – 32 votes in Final;
Bois du Cazier, a ruin of a colliery in Marcinelle, Charleroi, Belgium. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Lviatour Luc Viatour .

POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 8 – 29 votes in Final;
A shell casing flies out with a trail of smoke as U.S. Army Pfc. Michael Freise fires an M-4 rifle (POTD)
Credit: DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Suzanne M. Day, U.S. Air Force. .

Tavurvur volcano edit.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 8 – 29 votes in Final;
Tavurvur, an active stratovolcano near Rabaul in Papua New Guinea (POTD)
Credit: Taro Taylor
edit by Richard Bartz .

Tyto alba 1 Luc Viatour.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 9 – 25 votes in Final;
A Barn Owl (Tyto alba) in flight. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Lviatour, Luc Viatour .

Musca domestica Portrait.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 9 – 25 votes in Final;
Housefly, Austin's Ferry, Tasmania, Australia (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Noodle snacks .

Eilean Donan castle - 95mm.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 10 – 23 votes in Final;
Eilean Donan Castle is a rebuilt castle at Dornie in the Scottish Highlands. It is located on Eilean Donan, an island near the point where the sea lochs Loch Duich, Loch Alsh and Loch Long meet. This view from north was made at high tide. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Eusebius (Guillaume Piolle) .

POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 10 – 23 votes in Final;
Green Iguana (Iguana iguana) posing in the Oslo Reptile Park. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Uspn, Bjørn Christian Tørrissen .

Dendrocygna bicolor wilhelma.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 11 – 22 votes in Final;
A swimming Fulvous whistling duck (Dendrocygna bicolor) (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Nnc.banzai, Branko Kannenberg .

Piers Sellers spacewalk.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 12 – 20 votes in Final;
Astronaut Piers Sellers during the third spacewalk of STS-121, a demonstration of orbiter heat shield repair techniques. (POTD)
Credit: NASA, Astronaut Michael Edward Fossum .

Lactarius indigo 48568 edit.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 13 – 19 votes in Final;
The "indigo Lactarius", species Lactarius indigo (Schwein.) Fr. Specimen photographed in Strouds Run State Park, Athens, Ohio, USA. (POTD)
Credit: Mushroom Observer Dan Molter
edit by Tony Wills .

Periclimenes imperator (Emperor shrimp) on Bohadschia argus (Sea cucumber).jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 14 – 17 votes in Final;
Emperor shrimp (Periclimenes imperator) on sea cucumber (Bohadschia argus) (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Nhobgood Nick Hobgood .

Middelgrunden wind farm 2009-07-01 edit filtered.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 14 – 17 votes in Final;
Middelgrunden offshore wind farm (40 MW) in the Øresund, 3.5 km outside Copenhagen, Denmark. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Slaunger, Kim Hansen
Postprocessing by Richard Bartz and Kim Hansen. .

Cetonia aurata take off composition 05172009.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 15 – 14 votes in Final;
This is a compilation of multiple images showing a take-off of Cetonia aurata. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Wilder Kaiser, Ernie .

Back-scattering crepuscular rays panorama 1.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 16 – 13 votes in Final;
Back-scattering Crepuscular rays. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Mbz1, Mila Zinkova .

Sydney Opera House - Dec 2008.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 16 – 13 votes in Final;
A exposure blended photo of the Sydney Opera House, as viewed from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian User:Diliff, David Iliff .

Cappadocia March 2006.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 16 – 13 votes in Final;
Town of Ortahisar in Cappadocia, a region in central Turkey. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Mbz1 Mila Zinkova .

80 - Machu Picchu - Juin 2009 - edit.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 16 – 13 votes in Final;
The Macchu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Cusco in Peru, at twilight (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian S23678, Martin St-Amant .

Geneva mechanism 6spoke animation.gif
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 17 – 12 votes in Final;
This animation shows a six-position Geneva Mechanism in operation (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Mike1024 .

Great Wave off Kanagawa2.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 17 – 12 votes in Final;
The Great Wave off Kanagawa (POTD)
Credit: created by Katsushika Hokusai,
restored and uploaded by Wikimedian Durova .

Boletus in Finnish forest.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 18 – 11 votes in Final;
Unidentified Boletus growing in a Finnish forest at Heinäsaari island of Lake Saimaa in Lappeenranta, Finland (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Petritap .

Dendrobates azureus (Dendrobates tinctorius) Edit.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 18 – 11 votes in Final;
'Dendrobates azureus (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Michael Gäbler .

Aivazovsky, Ivan - The Ninth Wave.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 19 – 9 votes in Final;
'The Ninth Wave (Девятый вал) by Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky (1850) (POTD)
Credit: Иван Константинович Айвазовский (Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky, painter) .

Petronas Panorama II.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 20 – 8 votes in Final;
Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The night view conveys a symmetry impression. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Someformofhuman .

Universal joint.gif
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 21 – 7 votes in Final;
Animation of a universal joint. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Van helsing .

Tamias striatus CT.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 22 – 6 votes in Final;
Eastern Chipmunk with cheeks filled of food supply, Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area, Quebec, Canada (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Cephas .

Carrots of many colors.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 23 – 5 votes in Final;
Carrots of many colors. (POTD)
Credit: USDA Stephen Ausmus .

Mandel zoom 11 satellite double spiral.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 24 – 4 votes in Final;
Partial view of the Mandelbrot set. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Wolfgangbeyer .

Chichen Itza 1.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 25 – 3 votes in Final;
Temple of Warriors in Chichén Itzá, Mexico. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Dschwen, Daniel Schwen .

Weisskopf Seeadler haliaeetus leucocephalus 8 amk.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 25 – 3 votes in Final;
A Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus). (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian AngMoKio .

Arothron hispidus is kissing my camera at Big Island of Hawaii.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 25 – 3 votes in Final;
A Puffer Fish, Arothron hispidus in Hawaii. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Mbz1, Mila Zinkova .

F5 tornado Elie Manitoba 2007.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 26 – 2 votes in Final;
Category F5 tornado (upgraded from initial estimate of F4) viewed from the southeast as it approached Elie, Manitoba on Friday, June 22nd, 2007. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Justin1569, (Justin Hobson) .

VanGogh-starry night ballance1.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
# 27 – 0 votes in Final;
Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night. Oil on canvas, 73×92 cm, 28¾×36¼ in. (POTD)
Credit: created by Vincent van Gogh .

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