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POTY barnstar 1 2009.svg
POTY barnstar 1 2009.svg

Fourth Annual Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year

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Winners in Category Diagrams, emblems and maps

Category - Diagrams, emblems and maps

Mandel zoom 11 satellite double spiral.jpg
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
#1 – 60 votes in Round 1;
Partial view of the Mandelbrot set. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Wolfgangbeyer .

Geneva mechanism 6spoke animation.gif
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
#2 – 56 votes in Round 1;
This animation shows a six-position Geneva Mechanism in operation (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Mike1024 .

Universal joint.gif
POTY ribbon 2009.svg
#3 – 55 votes in Round 1;
Animation of a universal joint. (POTD)
Credit: Wikimedian Van helsing .

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