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POTY2012 Final (R2) result table
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Pair of Merops apiaster feeding.jpg Birds 347 File:Pair of Merops apiaster feeding.jpg
European Bee-eater, Ariège, France. The female (in front) awaits the offering which the male will make.
Credit:Pierre Dalous (User:Kookaburra 81) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-05
Magnificent CME Erupts on the Sun - August 31.jpg Astronomy 304 File:Magnificent CME Erupts on the Sun - August 31.jpg
On August 31, 2012 a long filament of solar material that had been hovering in the Sun's atmosphere, the Corona, erupted out into space at 4:36 p.m. EDT.
Credit:NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Flickr) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2012-10-31
Glühlampe explodiert.jpg Objects 209 File:Glühlampe explodiert.jpg
High-speed photography of a light bulb shot with an airsoft pistol (positioned right of the lamp).
Credit:Stefan Krause, Germany (User:Ritchyblack) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-02-27
Måbødalen, 2011 August.jpg Nature views 164 File:Måbødalen, 2011 August.jpg
A wide evening view to Måbødalen in Eidfjord municipality, Hordaland, Norway, in 2011 August.
Credit:Simo Räsänen (User:Ximonic) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-04-02
Bos grunniens at Yundrok Yumtso Lake.jpg Mammals 160 File:Bos grunniens at Yundrok Yumtso Lake.jpg
Yak near Yamdrok lake, Tibet. It is a long-haired bovinae found throughout the Himalayan region of south Central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau and as far north as Mongolia and Russia.
Credit:Dennis Jarvis (User:Archer10) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2012-12-06
Šmarjetna gora 03.jpg Cities and ruins 153 File:Šmarjetna gora 03.jpg
Šmarjetna gora, view towards Škofja Loka, Slovenia.
Credit:Mihael Grmek (User:Meho29) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-12
Park zamkowy w Pszczynie 03promykjck.jpg Nature views 151 File:Park zamkowy w Pszczynie 03promykjck.jpg
Heritage castle park in Pszczyna, Poland.
Credit:Jacek Cisło (User:Poranek) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-19
Darvasa gas crater panorama crop.jpg Nature views 150 File:Darvasa gas crater panorama crop.jpg
Door to Hell, a burning natural gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan.
Credit:Tormod Sandtorv (Flickr) - edited by User:Hellbus (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-02-08
Ponte Vasco da Gama 25.jpg Constructions and buildings 139 File:Ponte Vasco da Gama 25.jpg
Merging in the mist - Vasco da Gama Bridge, Lisbon, Portugal.
Credit:F Mira (Flickr) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-10
Tarvasjõgi.jpg Nature views 134 File:Tarvasjõgi.jpg
Tarvasjõgi, Kõrvemaa Nature Park, Estonia.
Credit:Ireen Trummer (User:Ireena) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-01-29
Endeavour silhouette STS-130.jpg Astronomy 126 File:Endeavour silhouette STS-130.jpg
The silhouette of space shuttle Endeavour seen against Earth's colorful horizon during shuttle mission STS-130
Credit:Crew of Expedition 22 (NASA) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-08
Arlington Row Bibury.jpg Cities and ruins 112 File:Arlington Row Bibury.jpg
Arlington Row, Bibury, built in 1380 as a monastic wool store. The buildings were converted into weaver cottages in the 17th century.
Credit:User:Saffron Blaze (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-04-29
Ruhrtalbruecke-Sonnenuntergang.jpg Constructions and buildings 110 File:Ruhrtalbruecke-Sonnenuntergang.jpg
The bridge "Mintarder Ruhrtalbrücke" in Mülheim an der Ruhr is an impressive landmark in the Ruhr valley connecting the cities Düsseldorf and Essen through a motorway.
Credit:User:Tuxyso (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-04-07
RhB ABe 8-12 Allegra between Lagalb and Ospizio Bernina.jpg Vehicles and crafts 106 File:RhB ABe 8-12 Allegra between Lagalb and Ospizio Bernina.jpg
RhB ABe 8/12 "Allegra" multiple unit with a local train to Tirano in the grade between Bernina Lagalb and Ospizio Bernina.
Credit:David Gubler (User:Kabelleger / (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-02-26
Eilean Donan Castle Panorama.jpg Panoramic views 96 File:Eilean Donan Castle Panorama.jpg
Panoramic view of Eilean Donan Castle in the western Highlands of Scotland.
Credit:Stefan Krause, Germany (User:Ritchyblack) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-04-15
Final Trophee Monal 2012 n08.jpg People 88 File:Final Trophee Monal 2012 n08.jpg
Final of the Challenge Réseau Ferré de France–Trophée Monal 2012 (épée world cup tournament in Paris): Diego Confalonieri (left) and Fabian Kauter (right).
Credit:Marie-Lan Nguyen (User:Jastrow) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2012-05-04
SNCF TGV PSE Viaduc de Cize - Bolozon.jpg Constructions and buildings 83 File:SNCF TGV PSE Viaduc de Cize - Bolozon.jpg
A SNCF TGV PSE trainset is crossing the Cize–Bolozon viaduct over the Ain river.
Credit:David Gubler (User:Kabelleger / (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-04-04
Athene cunicularia 20110524 02.jpg Birds 81 File:Athene cunicularia 20110524 02.jpg
Five burrowing Owls (Athene cunicularia).
Credit:travelwayoflife (Flickr) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2012-11-24
Schneeräumung Saltfjell.jpg Vehicles and crafts 78 File:Schneeräumung Saltfjell.jpg
Snowplow working in the strong winds on the Saltfjell in Norway.
Credit:David Gubler (User:Kabelleger / (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-16
Tiger-2.jpg Mammals 77 File:Tiger-2.jpg
Swimming Malayan Tiger in Dortmund zoological garden.
Credit:User:Hans Stieglitz (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-01
Line integral of scalar field.gif Videos and animations 70 File:Line integral of scalar field.gif
Line integral of a scalar field, f. The area under the curve C, traced on the surface defined by z = f(x,y), is the value of the integral.
Credit:Lucas V. Barbosa (User:Kieff) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-04-11
Reflet-tour-Eiffel-Paris-Luc-Viatour.jpg Constructions and buildings 69 File:Reflet-tour-Eiffel-Paris-Luc-Viatour.jpg
Reflection of the Eiffel Tower in a puddle of water, Paris, France.
Credit:Luc Viatour (User:Lviatour) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-04-20
Obertilliach Pfarrkirche St Ulrich 04.jpg Cities and ruins 67 File:Obertilliach Pfarrkirche St Ulrich 04.jpg
Roman Catholic parish church Saint Ulrich in Obertilliach, East Tyrol (Osttirol).
Credit:User:Thoodor (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-04
Fleur de givre L.jpg Nature views 67 File:Fleur de givre L.jpg
Frost, Lajoux, Jura, France.
Credit:Annick MONNIER (User:Cquoi) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-20
Sunrise apollo side.jpg Cities and ruins 64 File:Sunrise apollo side.jpg
The ruins of the Temple of Apollo at Side, Antalya, Turkey.
Credit:W. Lloyd MacKenzie (User:Saffron Blaze) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-04-18
Acueducto de Segovia 01.jpg Interiors and details 64 File:Acueducto de Segovia 01.jpg
Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, Spain, at dusk. This image won the second prize in Wiki Loves Monuments 2012.
Credit:David Corral Gadea (User:Atention) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-01-22
Ara ararauna Luc Viatour.jpg Birds 62 File:Ara ararauna Luc Viatour.jpg
Blue-and-yellow Macaw in flight (Ara ararauna).
Credit:Luc Viatour (User:Lviatour). (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-09
Pilea involucrata, Jardín Botánico, Múnich, Alemania 2012-04-21, DD 02.jpg Plants and fungi 61 File:Pilea involucrata, Jardín Botánico, Múnich, Alemania 2012-04-21, DD 02.jpg
Pilea involucrata, Botanic Garden of Munich, Germany.
Credit:Diego Delso (User:Poco a poco) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-11
Macroglossum stellatarum01(js).jpg Lepidoptera 55 File:Macroglossum stellatarum01(js).jpg
Hummingbird Hawkmoth (Macroglossum stellatarum) and verbena flowers, Lodz, Poland
Credit:Jerzy Strzelecki (User:Jerzystrzelecki) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-04-06 News Photo 120723-F-HA794-089 - A U.S. Air Force firefighter sprays water at the fire of a simulated C-130 Hercules plane crash during operational readiness exercise Beverly.jpg People 55 News Photo 120723-F-HA794-089 - A U.S. Air Force firefighter sprays water at the fire of a simulated C-130 Hercules plane crash during operational readiness exercise Beverly.jpg
A U.S. Air Force firefighter sprays water at the fire of a simulated C-130 Hercules plane crash during operational readiness exercise Beverly.
Credit:Template:POTY/credit/ News Photo 120723-F-HA794-089 - A U.S. Air Force firefighter sprays water at the fire of a simulated C-130 Hercules plane crash during operational readiness exercise Beverly.jpg (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-03
Power 8 mandelbulb fractal overview.jpg Maps and illustrations 53 File:Power 8 mandelbulb fractal overview.jpg
Mandelbulb image rendered with volumetric rendering and global illumination algorithms in the Corona ray tracer.
Credit:Ondřej Karlík (User:KeymasterCZ) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-04-03
Niagara falls - Winter - Prospect point view at night.jpg Nature views 53 File:Niagara falls - Winter - Prospect point view at night.jpg
Prospect Point night view of the Niagara Falls, in winter.
Credit:Paolo Costa Baldi (User:Paolostefano1412) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2012-04-30
Tschanüff gegen Piz Spadla.jpg Cities and ruins 47 File:Tschanüff gegen Piz Spadla.jpg
Tschanüff castle, in the background parts of the Piz Spadla mountain, in Switzerland.
Credit:Template:POTY/credit/Tschanüff gegen Piz Spadla.jpg (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-25
Cervus elaphus Luc Viatour 5.jpg Mammals 44 File:Cervus elaphus Luc Viatour 5.jpg
Cervus elaphus.
Credit:Template:POTY/credit/Cervus elaphus Luc Viatour 5.jpg (Statistics) Template:Potd/2012-05-06
Aurora borealis above Storfjorden and the Lyngen Alps in moonlight, 2012 March.jpg Panoramic views 42 File:Aurora borealis above Storfjorden and the Lyngen Alps in moonlight, 2012 March.jpg
A wide view over Storfjorden (a part of Lyngen fjord) in a winter night with some Aurora borealis running across the sky.
Credit:Template:POTY/credit/Aurora borealis above Storfjorden and the Lyngen Alps in moonlight, 2012 March.jpg (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-17
Water drop 001.jpg Nature views 40 File:Water drop 001.jpg
Credit:Template:POTY/credit/Water drop 001.jpg (Statistics) Template:Potd/2012-04-26
Vespa crabro head 01.jpg Arthropods 38 File:Vespa crabro head 01.jpg
European hornet (Vespa crabro). Studio shot. Animal originating from a meadow at Weingarten near Karlsruhe, Germany.
Credit:Template:POTY/credit/Vespa crabro head 01.jpg (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-27
Clearfin lionfish (Pterois radiata).JPG Other animals 33 File:Clearfin lionfish (Pterois radiata).JPG
A Clearfin lionfish (Pterois radiata), Seattle Aquarium, USA
Credit:Template:POTY/credit/Clearfin lionfish (Pterois radiata).JPG (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-13
Lophius piscatorius MHNT.jpg Bones 32 File:Lophius piscatorius MHNT.jpg
The angler (Lophius piscatorius), complete skeleton. Locality: North Atlantic Ocean.
Credit:Template:POTY/credit/Lophius piscatorius MHNT.jpg (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-24
Champ de Mars from the Eiffel Tower - July 2006 edit.jpg Cities and ruins 31 File:Champ de Mars from the Eiffel Tower - July 2006 edit.jpg
A two segment panorama of Champ de Mars from the Eiffel Tower.
Credit:Template:POTY/credit/Champ de Mars from the Eiffel Tower - July 2006 edit.jpg (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-04-25
Manhattan from Weehawken, NJ.jpg Panoramic views 25 File:Manhattan from Weehawken, NJ.jpg
Midtown Manhattan as seen from Weehawken, New Jersey
Credit:Template:POTY/credit/Manhattan from Weehawken, NJ.jpg (Statistics) Template:Potd/2012-09-11
Abondance Louis Petitot Pont Carrousel Paris-CN.jpg Sculpture 22 File:Abondance Louis Petitot Pont Carrousel Paris-CN.jpg
Abundantia, by Louis Petitot, 1846, Pont du Carrousel, Paris.
Retouched by kaʁstn (User:Carschten) (Statistics) Template:Potd/2012-04-11
Grant DeVolson Wood - American Gothic.jpg Paintings 19 File:Grant DeVolson Wood - American Gothic.jpg
Digitized images of the original painting American Gothic that Grant DeVolson Wood, created in 1930 and sold to the Art Institute of Chicago in November of the same year
Credit:Template:POTY/credit/Grant DeVolson Wood - American Gothic.jpg (Statistics) Template:Potd/2012-07-05
Phra Nang beach panorama edit.jpg Panoramic views 12 File:Phra Nang beach panorama edit.jpg
Panorama of Phra Nang beach in Railay Bay, Krabi, Thailand.
Credit:Template:POTY/credit/Phra Nang beach panorama edit.jpg (Statistics) Template:Potd/2013-03-28