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Picture of the Year 2013

A chronological „Who does what at which time“. If you contributed to POTY or intend to (except translations, donating images and minor fixes), feel free to add what you did/will do here. This page should, one day, sufficiently answer the question „What does the POTY committee?“

Date Event Notes
2014-01-01 00:00 All featured pictures from 2013 will be candidates in POTY 2013.
2014-12-15 00:00 Create the galleries, pages and templates for Commons:Picture of the Year/2013 ✓ Done by Beria L. Rodríguez
2014-12-28 18:30 Migrate last year's translations to 2013, set up translation interface for additional translations, and ask users to translate Rillke will try that.
2014-01-01 00:00 Updating galleries adding 2013-12 FPs
2014-01-01 00:00 Check RTL and Unicode letter appearance Choose other fonts or host a font at Wikimedia Labs if required, fix RTL glitches.
2014-01-01 00:00 Checking galleries Everyone is invited helping with this task. Are all FPs listed? Are wrong candidates listed? Are they in the correct category?
 ?? Creating voting pages and afterwards enabling abuse filters: 96, 77. Protecting all vote pages using the title blacklist
 ?? Protecting all galleries using the title blacklist at Wikimedia Commons.
2014-01-17 Start round 1 of POTY 2013. Testing period.
  • Remove blacklist protection of voting pages.
  • Keep the gallery protection.
    Change {{POTY2013/state}} to duringR1 and {{POTY2013/date}}.
  • Only local banners at Commons inviting to vote. Please don't announce this broadly: No banners, no forum threads, no watchlist notes.
2014-01-24 Round 1 of POTY 2013. *CentralNotice (3+3d) for eligible users (check edit count and registration date from wgNoticeUserData).
2014-02-07 (23:59) End round 1 of POTY 2013 Set {{POTY2013/state}} to afterR1. Unprotecting galleries. Protecting all vote pages using the title blacklist.
2014-02-17 Counting R1 votes User:Rillke/POTY2013r1.eligibility-checker-and-vote-tallier.js, R1 results
2014-02-18 Creating galleries for the finalists of POTY 2013 Commons:Picture of the Year/2013/R2/Gallery
2014-02-21 Start round 2 The final“ of POTY 2013
2014-03-07 23:59 End round 2 of POTY 2013
 ?? Determination of the winner, announcement on Wikimedia blog