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Picture of the Year 2015
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Committee's work[edit]

  • To determine the Rules
  • To proceed and announce the contest and the results


Below is a list of users on the Picture of the Year 2015 Committee.

Username Contact info Languages Availability Skills/Permissions
User:Miya Talk Page, Email ja, en-2 UTC+9 (Japan) Commons admin
User:Odisha1 Talk, Email en, or, hi UTC+5:30 (India) Helper, Bot operator
User:Uğurkent Talk, Email tr, en-2, de-1 UTC+2 Helper
User:Rillke Talk, Email de, en-2, fr-1 UTC+1 Helper, Commons admin, POTY js extension coder, evaluation specialist
User:Beria Talk, Email pt, en-3, es-2, fr-1.5 UTC-2 (Brazil) Commons admin, bot operator (not on WMFLabs)
User:Steinsplitter Talk, Email de-4, en-2, it-2 UTC+1 (Italy) Commons admin, Meta admin, bot operator

Special thanks to Storkk for helping with the evaluation/counting of the votes!

Interested in a future membership?

Contact Us[edit]

Announcing POTY[edit]

Mailing Lists

An announcement should be sent to all these lists.

WikiEN-l, WikiDE-l, WikiFR-l, WikiNL-l, WikiIT-l, WikiPL-l, WikiES-l, WikiRU-l, WikiJA-l, WikiPT-l, WikiSV-l, WikiZH-l, WikiVI-l, WikiUK-l, WikiCA-l, WikiNO-l, WikiFI-l, WikiCS-l, WikiHU-l

IRC Channels

Announce the POTY in popular Wikimedia channels #wikimedia-commons, #wikimedia, #wikipedia, #wikipedia-en, and others. Consider adding it to the topic or asking an op to do it for you.

Village Pumps

Post a template message in the appropriate language to Wikimedia village pumps.