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Contest is now closed - Results will announced on April 8
Contest entries can be viewed here

PixElite is a photography contest organised by the Chennai Mathematical Institute as part of its annual student fest Fiesta. This event is supported by Wikimedia India.



  • All entries to PixElite should be the own work of the contestants.
  • A participant can submit ONLY 1 photograph.
  • Entries should have the following details added to the description field: caption, location where it was taken, description of the subject, camera model and technical specifications, software used (if any)
  • Contestants must register in Wikimedia Commons and upload their entry here.
  • All entries should be licenced under CC BY SA 3.0 (Need not do anything extra, the upload process adds this licence by default)
  • Contestants after uploading their entries must mail their commons login id and Fiesta login id to bala.jeyaraman [at]
  • The photos will be posted on Facebook and contestants will be given the link to share and get it liked. Number of likes a photo gets will have 25% weightage in the judgement of prizes.
  • For help with uploading see here


  • Do not email pictures or upload them to Facebook. They should be uploaded here at Wikimedia Commons
  • All entries should be contestants own work. Other peoples' work, their derivatives or modifications are not eligible and will be deleted immediately
  • Entries must not be edited in any way apart from adjusting their brightness, contrast and/or sharpness. Else, the participant will be immediately disqualified.
  • Please don't watermark your entries. Your details will be present in the image page always. So Dont watermark or add borders to your photos.


  • Bala / bala.jeyaraman [at]
  • Diptaishik / diptocal47 [at]