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input result   input result
{{Support}} Symbol support vote.svg Support {{Strong support}} Symbol strong support vote.svg Strong support
{{Weak support}} GA candidate.svg Weak support {{Vote keep}} Symbol keep vote.svg Keep
{{Agree}} Symbol keep vote.svg Agree {{Done}} ✓ Done
{{Comment}} Pictogram voting comment.svg Comment {{Info}} Pictogram voting info.svg Info
{{Request}} Pictogram voting question-blue.svg Request {{Question}} Pictogram-voting-question.svg Question
{{Withdraw}} Pictogram voting delete.svg I withdraw my nomination {{Oppose}} Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose
{{Strong oppose}} Symbol oppose vote oversat.svg Strong oppose {{Weak oppose}} BA candidate.svg Weak oppose
{{Vote delete}} Symbol delete vote.svg Delete {{Disagree}} Symbol delete vote.svg Disagree
{{Not done}}  Not done {{Neutral}} Symbol neutral vote.svg Neutral
{{On hold}} Time2wait.svg On hold {{Abstain}} Symbol abstain vote.svg Abstain
{{Unsupport}} Symbol unsupport vote.svg I withdraw my support {{BIS}} Symbol support vote.svg Best in Scope
{{Delist}} Symbol oppose vote.svg Delist {{Delistandreplace}} Symbol redirect vote.svg Delist and replace
{{Denied}}  Denied.

{{Merge icon}} Symbol merge vote.svg Merge
{{Nominate}} Gtk-go-up.svg Nominate {{OE}} QI criteria overexposed.svg Overexposed
{{Overprocessed}} Symbol wtf vote.svg Overprocessed {{Oversaturated}} Symbol oppose vote oversat.svg Oversaturated
{{CA}} chromatic aberration {{CLB}} Warning icon.png color banding
{{Blur}} {{PCA}} Warning icon.png compression artifacts
{{PDP}} Warning icon.png perspective distortion {{UE}} Underexposed
{{Amazing}} Symbol support vote.svgSymbol support vote.svg Amazing {{Awesome}} 718smiley.svg Awesome!

{{I love}} Nuvola apps package favorite.svgSymbol support vote.svg Support {{Rockon}} Roche.svg Rock On!

{{Confused}} Face-confused.svg Confused: {{Works for me}} Pictogram voting support.svg Works for me

{{Wtf}} Symbol wtf vote.svg WTF? {{vote speedy}} Symbol speedy delete vote.svg Speedy delete