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Categories that are named after people should have a {{DEFAULTSORT:}} tag to ensure that they are correctly sorted in the parent categories to which they belong. Apply the rules in this guideline to determine how such categories should be sorted.

By surname[edit]

Where a person has a surname (also known as a family name or last name), or an element of his or her name that functions as one, the category should be sorted by the surname or that name.[1]

Audubon, John James
Blyton, Enid
Fitzgerald, Ella
Lin, Yutang
X, Malcolm (adopted name)

Compound surnames[edit]

  • If it is known how a person prefers his surname to be set out, sort according to that preference.[2]
Lloyd George, David (paternal surname: George)
  • Sort according to the first element of a compound surname in the following situations:
    • When it is known that a name is a compound surname, especially if it is usually hyphenated.[3]
      Budai Deleanu, Ion
      Day-Lewis, Cecil
    • In the case of a married woman whose surname consists of her surname before marriage and her husband's surname, if the woman's language is Czech, French, Hungarian, Italian or Spanish.[4]
      Semetkayne Schwanda, Magda (language of person: Hungarian)
      Molina Y Vedia De Bastianini, Delfina (language of person: Spanish)
      but Stowe, Harriet Beecher (language of person: English)
  • Sort according to the second element of a compound surname (or what appears to be a compound surname) in the following situations:
    • When the person's language is Portuguese.[5]
      Silva, Ovidio Saraiva De Carvalho E
    • When it is suspected but not known for certain whether a name is a compound surname, and the person's language is Danish, English, Faroese, Norwegian or Swedish.[6]
      Adams, John Crawford (language of person: English)
      Olsen, Ib Strang (language of person: Danish)


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