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Are you new to editing Wikimedia projects?

Wikimedia projects are all connected. You can open an account on Wikipedia and submit your vote here on Wikimedia Commons, or any other project on topics and activities that you enjoy ... data (Wikidata), textual sources (Wikisource), travel (Wikivoyage), lexemes (Wiktionary), ...

Editing Wikipedia[edit]

If you are a new user on any language version of Wikipedia, when you start your account, you will receive a prompt encouraging you to visit your homepage and start editing. It's that simple. You can follow the prompts on your homepage to complete some suggested edits to gain the minimum required edits to take part in this vote. And why stop there, keep editing :) Welcome to Wikimedia.

Editing Wikimedia Commons[edit]

The freely usable media repository, Commons started in 2004 and currently has 97,733,684 files! There are many ways to contribute to Commons: from uploading your own free use media, to helping with structured data, to categorizing files, and so much more. You can follow this tutorial to start contributing right away.

You can also check out the Commons' welcome page and resources to learn more about our rich media repository. Additionally, Depictor is a great (and award-winning!) tool to make your first edits, using a game-like interface to help develop structured data.

Editing other projects[edit]

Unlike Commons, which is one multilingual project, most other projects are in a specific language. Though there is no single welcome or introduction page, a list of introduction pages is maintained on Wikidata.