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It is a mobile app for upload audio!

Spell4Wiki is an app to easily record & upload audios from any Android device to Wikimedia Commons.

  • English: Spell4Wiki is a mobile application to record and upload ogg audio files for Wiktionary words to Wikimedia commons. Spell4Wiki also act as a Wiki-Dictionary(Word meaning from Wiktionary). It is a F/LOSS tool being developed by few self-financed, Tamil F/LOSS volunteers and Wikipedians in Tamil Nadu, India. Currently Spell4Wiktionary option shows some languages words only. In future, will available other languages, Indic languages.
  • தமிழ்: Spell4Wiki என்பது விக்கிமீடியா பொதுவகத்தில் விக்சனரி சொற்களுக்கான ஒலிப்புக்கோப்புகளை பதிவுசெய்து பதிவேற்ற பயன்படும் ஒரு மொபைல் செயலி ஆகும். இது ஒரு விக்கி-அகராதியாகவும் செயல்படுகிறது (விக்சனரியிலிர்ந்து சொல்லுக்கான பொருளை அளிக்கும்). தமிழக தன்னார்வ கட்டற்ற நண்பர்களின் சிலரது முயற்சியால், இந்த ஆன்ட்ராய்டு செயலி தொடர்ந்து மேம்படுத்தப்படுகிறது. தற்போது Spell4Wiktionary விருப்பம் சில மொழிகளின் சொற்களை மட்டுமே காட்டுகிறது. விரைவில் பிற மொழிகள், இந்திய மொழிகள் கிடைக்கும்.
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Features in Spell4Wiki

1. Spell For Wiktionary - You can record & upload audio for the list of Wiktionary words to Wikimedia Commons.

2. Spell For WordList - You can upload for your own list of words from a text file or copy & paste.

3. Spell For Word - You can spell and upload for a single word.

4. Wiktionary Explore - You can search meaning from Wiktionary for any words in any languages.


  • It shows the words without pronunciation audio files for Tamil language only. In future, we will give to other languages also.
  • Auto categorization - files are uploaded under Files_uploaded_by_spell4wiki category.
  • Links for Wikidata Lexeme (Under development)

Screen shots[edit]

Spell4Wiki App Screenshots


More files: Category:Files_uploaded_by_spell4wiki

Benefits & Needs[edit]

  • There are plenty of words in the Wiktionary. But they do not have enough pronunciation audio files. So we can upload pronunciation audio for words in a simple way.
  • We can use those pronunciation for wikidata and other technologies like machine learning under CC-license.
  • Other linguists can learn how to pronounce a word.


Manimaran continuously developing the app also making documentation his free time & asking questions in wikimedia mailing lists. Shrinivasan has continuously helped to improve the application by providing assistance, tips and encouragement from time to time, knowing the status and requirement of the application. Ganesh, a free software enthusiast, created the logo for the application and outlined the user interface (UI) & user experience (UX) design. Khaleel Jageer and Ragulkanth provided assistance on mobile and API technology respectively. Info-farmer helps to categories files uploaded by Spell4Wiki & Created a page for Spell4Wiki in the Wikimedia Commons. His help for Wikimedia technical and suggestions are Enormous. After several months of struggles, the .ogg formatted audio files were uploaded, and the application was upgraded to a good condition.

More details: check here

Add Language Request for Spell4Wiktionary[edit]

Provide details: Fill form or Raise issue

Existing language details: Form responses & Github issues

More details: Add Wiktionary language into spell4wiki

Requested Language Details
S.No Timestamp Language Name Language Code Category Name in Wiktionary Category Name in Commons Contributors Status Notes
1 6/21/2020 13:48:52 Tamil ta பகுப்பு:தமிழ்-ஒலிக்கோப்புகளில்லை , Manimaran DONE -
2 9/23/2020 22:46:13 Bengali bn বিষয়শ্রেণী:বাংলা , ZI_Jony DONE -
3 9/24/2020 12:04:18 German de (Deutsch) Category:Nachname (Deutsch) , 116457857 DONE -
4 9/27/2020 11:46:31 Russian ru en:wiktionary:Category:Requests for audio pronunciation in Russian entries - INVALID Wiktionary category not matched with
5 11/2/2020 2:36:03 Dagbani dag We're still in the incubator - Masssly DONE Dagbani language don't have wiktionary page.
6 11/6/2020 16:33:15 Russian ru Категория:Животные/ru , User:Infovarius Infovarius DONE -
7 12/11/2020 16:34:23 Swedish sv Kategori:Svenska/Alla_uppslag User:Ainali Ainali DONE -
8 12/24/2020 13:40:20 Kannada kn ವರ್ಗ:ನಾಮಪದಗಳು AnanthSubray DONE -
9 12/23/2020 11:40:20 Odia or ଶ୍ରେଣୀ:ଓଡ଼ିଆ ଭାଷା User:psubhashish DONE -
10 1/2/2021 20:44:15 Italian it ವರ್ಗ:ನಾಮಪದಗಳು Michael DONE -

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