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Stampa tal-ġurnata
2 Diċembru 2021
Ледяные парусники.jpg
Ice formations on Lake Baikal near Ogoy Island (Irkutsk Oblast, Russia)
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Dawn huma l-istampi magħżula biex jidhru fil-Paġna prinċipali bħala Stampa tal-ġurnata. Il-pubblikazzjoni tagħhom f'din il-paġna tippermetti lil utenti biex jagħmlu t-traduzzjoni ta' deskrizzjonijiet tal-istampi f'lingwi oħra.

Mill-1 ta' Lulju 2007, l-iStampi tal-ġurnata kollha huma magħżula fost l-iStampi fil-vetrina ta' Commons. Stampi fil-vetrina huma l-aqwa stampi li jinsabu fuq Wikimedia Commons u huma magħżula b'kunsens hawnhekk. Għal struzzjonijiet fuq kif iżżid Stampa tal-ġurnata, agħfas hawnhekk.

L-iStampa tal-ġurnata kurrenti tista' tiġi inkluża f'paġna permezz tal-mudell:

Tista' taċċessa l-istampa bl-użu ta'

Għad-deskrizzjoni tal-istampa uża

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Biddel l-istampa
English : Town hall of Kiel, capital of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Its tower, which is 106 metres (348 ft) high, is one of the city landmarks.


Biddel l-istampa
English : Ice formations on Lake Baikal near Ogoy Island (Irkutsk Oblast, Russia)


Biddel l-istampa
English : Golden-eyed tree frog, also known as the blue-sided leaf frog (Agalychnis annae), in Heredia, a suburb of the capital San José, Costa Rica.


Biddel l-istampa
English : Cooling pond at Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


Biddel l-istampa
English : Franeker. Town Hall (1591). Portret (Portrait) van Eise Eisinga.


Biddel l-istampa


Biddel l-istampa
English : Wooden bust of King David at the choir stalls of St. George’s Collegiate Church in Tübingen, Germany. The choir stalls are dated to 1491.


Biddel l-istampa
English : Three weeks old Equus asinus in Kadzidłowo, Poland.


Biddel l-istampa
English : Two women walk past the huge cavity where one of the ancient Buddhas of Bamiyan used to stand, June 17, 2012. The monumental statues were built in A.D. 507 and 554 and were the largest statues of standing Buddha on Earth until the Taliban dynamited them in 2001.


Biddel l-istampa
English : Neon sign of the Boulevard Hotel on Ocean Drive, Miami Beach Art Deco District


Biddel l-istampa
English : A Jain woman does Abhishek of feet of Bhagwan Bahubali Gomateswara at Shravanabelagola, Karnataka, India.


Biddel l-istampa
English : Fallen chestnut from a Aesculus.


Biddel l-istampa
English : Lake Mystery, Canterbury, New Zealand


Biddel l-istampa
English : View of Ålesund from Aksla, Norway.


Biddel l-istampa


Biddel l-istampa
English : Dunes and shadows in Sossusvlei, Namibia.


Biddel l-istampa
English : Senden castle, Senden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


Biddel l-istampa
English : Image taken by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter showing descent of Phoenix with a crater in the background.


Biddel l-istampa
English : Close Wing position of Delias berinda berinda (Moore, 1872) – Patkai Dark Jezebel


Biddel l-istampa


Biddel l-istampa
English : Harlingen. Saint Michael's Church. main altar. Donated by the Winkeler family.


Biddel l-istampa
English : Euromaidan 2013-2014. Guard of Maidan. Kyiv, Ukraine.


Biddel l-istampa
English : The virgin Mary with the Christ Child, keystone of the Gothic vault in the choir room of the collegiate church of St. George’s Collegiate Church, Tübingen, Germany.


Biddel l-istampa
English : Female Scintillant hummingbird (Selasphorus scintilla) feeding on Abutilon sp. flower, in Mount Totumas cloud forest, Panama. This is one of a set of three images (with this one and this one), showing how this tiny hummingbird has to pierce the side of the flower to feed.


Biddel l-istampa


Biddel l-istampa


Biddel l-istampa
English : Saint John Altarpiece at the Dominican church St. Nicholas in Friesach, Carinthia, Austria. Elder St. Veit Workshop, 1500–1512.


Biddel l-istampa


Biddel l-istampa
English : Harmandir Sahib a.k.a. Golden Temple and its surrounding sacred pond ("Amrit Sarovar") are visible through fog on a cold winter morning.


Biddel l-istampa
English : Traditional Macedonian moussaka based on potatoes


Biddel l-istampa

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