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Diese Seite gibt einen Überblick über die Urheberrechtsregeln für Briefmarken in verschiedenen Ländern oder Territorien Asiens. Es wird von einzelnen Seitenabschnitten eingebunden und enthält die Regeln für jedes Land oder Gebiet.

Staaten in Asien

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COM: Afghanistan


Copyright expires 50 years after first put in circulation.[2008 Article 16.1.6] Use {{PD-Afghanistan}}.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Afghanistan

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COM: Egypt


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Egypt

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COM: Armenia


Public domain verwende {{PD-AM-exempt}}.

Stamps appear to qualify as "state symbols and signs", which are not subject to copyright under the 2013 version of the copyright law [2013 Article 4.1(d)].
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Armenia

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COM: Azerbaijan


Public domain use {{PD-AZ-exempt}}

An exception is File:1995 John Lennon..jpg.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Azerbaijan

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COM: Bahrain


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Bahrain

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COM: Bangladesh


Red copyright.svg. Vor 2032 dürfen keine Bilder von bangladeschischen Briefmarken hochgeladen werden, da die ersten Briefmarken am 29. Juli 1971 ausgegeben wurden und die Urheberrechte 60 Jahre, gerechnet nach dem Erstveröffentlichungsdatum, gültig sind. Briefmarken aus dem Jahr 1971 können ab dem Jahr 2032 hochgeladen werden.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Bangladesh

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COM: Bhutan


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Bhutan

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COM: Brunei


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Brunei

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COM: China


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of China

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COM: Georgia


PD-icon.svg verwende {{PD-GE-exempt}}.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Georgia

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COM: India


PD-icon.svg: Stamps are now covered under {{GODL-India}}. In addition, all Indian stamps older than 60 years are in the public domain. See en.wikipedia discussion here and here.

Use either {{GODL-India}} or {{PD-India}} where appropriate. Material issued by the Government of India before independence may be covered by {{PD-UKGov}}.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of India

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COM: Indonesia


Public domain use {{PD-IDGov}}.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Indonesia

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COM: Iraq


Red copyright.svg: All stamps published in Iraq before 1 January 1969 are in the public domain. Use {{PD-Iraq}} to tag them.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Iraq

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COM: Iran


Red copyright.svg: Alle Briefmarken, die vor dem 22. März 1989 ausgegeben wurden, sind gemeinfrei, da nach dem Gesetz zum Schutz der Rechte von Autoren, Komponisten und Künstlern iranische Briefmarken, die vor dem 22. März 1989 entworfen wurden, nach 30 Jahren gemeinfrei werden, wegen "In den folgenden Fällen werden Bilder nach 30 Jahren, gerechnet vom Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung oder Aufführung gemeinfrei werden (Artikel 16): In Fällen, in denen das Urheberrecht einer Rechtsperson gehört, oder auf eine solche übertragen wurde." Iranische Briefmarken sind urheberrechtlich geschützt und das Urheberrecht gehört der Iranischen Post, die eine "Rechtsperson" darstellt.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Iran

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COM: Israel


Copyrighted Paragraph 51 of Israeli Postal Services Statute 1986, in its 2004 revised version stipulates that the State owns full copyrights for Israeli stamps. The Israeli copyright statute from 2007 determines that the State's copyrights expire on 1 January of the 51st year after the creation of the work. Hence, only stamps created 50 or more years ago are in the public domain. Template:PD-IsraelGov would be appropriate to indicate their copyright status.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Israel

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COM: Japan


Copyrighted Stamps more than 70 years old or published before 1 January 1968 are in the public domain, per {{PD-Japan}}.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Japan

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COM: Yemen


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Yemen

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COM: Jordan


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Jordan

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COM: Cambodia


X mark.svg Nicht OK - Stamps are not among the government documents exempt from copyright.[2003 Article 10]

They may count as anonymous or collective works, in which case copyright expires 75 years after publication. If the author is known, presumably they are protected for life + 50 years.[2003 Articles 31]
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Cambodia

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COM: Kazakhstan


Public domain use {{PD-KZ-exempt}}

Pursuant to Article 8 of Law No. 6-I of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Copyright and Associated Rights dated June 10, 1996, "official symbols and signs (flags, coats of arms, decorations, bills and coins and other official symbols and signs)" are not copyrighted.[419/2015 Article 8] Pursuant to Article 1 of Law No. 386-II of Kazakhstan On Post dated February 8, 2003, official signs of postage include "stamps, souvenir sheets, stamped covers, postcards, postage meter marks and other signs introduced into circulation by the authorised agency, which confirm that postal operator services have been paid."
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Kazakhstan

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COM: Qatar


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Qatar

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COM: Kyrgyzstan


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Kyrgyzstan

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COM: Kuwait


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Kuwait

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COM: Laos


Copyrighted. Law No. 38/NA of November 15, 2017, on Intellectual Property does not mention stamps, and nothing that could be interpreted as stamps is included in the list of unprotected works.[38/NA/2017 Article 94]
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Laos

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COM: Lebanon


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Lebanon

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COM: Malaysia


Red copyright.svg According to article 23 of The Copyright Act 1987 (act 332), works by the Government Organizations are subject to copyright until the beginning of the year following 50 years after publication, so only stamps more than 50 years old may be uploaded and they should use the template {{PD-Malaysia}}. This applies until 1992 when the Malaysian post office was corporatized as Pos Malaysia, so the normal artistic copyright term likely applies (life plus 50 years), unless as a corporate work the term of publish plus 50 years applies.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Malaysia

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COM: Maldives


Keine Information verfügbar

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COM: Mongolia


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Mongolia

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COM: Myanmar


Red copyright.svg Under S.18 of the Copyright Act of 1911 (promulgated 1914 and sometimes known as the 1914 Act), Government works of Myanmar are copyright for 50 years from first publication (before 1 January 1969).
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Myanmar

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COM: Nepal


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Nepal

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COM: North Korea


Copyrighted. According to North Korean copyright law as of 2006, "the property rights to a copyrighted work or a copyrighted visual art work whose author is an institution, enterprise or organization shall be protected for up to 50 years from the moment of its publication."[1532/2006 Article 24]

If published before 1 January 1969 use {{PD-DPRKOld}}
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of North Korea

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COM: Oman


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Oman

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COM: East Timor


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of East Timor

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COM: Pakistan


X mark.svg Nicht OK. Use {{PD-Pakistan-stamp}} for stamps whose copyright has expired

Copyright ownership of stamps is maintained by the Government of Pakistan, as stamps in Pakistan are issued by Pakistan Post, which works under the Government of Pakistan. According to Pakistan's Copyright Ordinance, 1962, stamps can be classified as artistic:

  • "artistic" work' means: ... a painting, a sculpture, a drawing (including a diagram, map, chart or plan), an engraving or a photograph, whether or not any such work possess artistic quality.[XXXIV/2000 Section 2(c.i)]
  • "Government work" means a work which is made or published by or under the direction or control of ... the Government or any department of the Government.[XXXIV/2000 Section 2(m)]
  • in the case of a Government work, Government shall, in the absence of any agreement to the contrary, be the first owner of the copyright therein.[XXXIV/2000 Section 139(d)]
  • Copyright in a Government work shall, where Government is the first owner of the copyright therein, subsist until 50 years from the beginning of the calendar year next following the year in which the work is first published.[XXXIV/2000 Section 22(1)]
    Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Pakistan
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COM: Philippines


Public domain verwende {{PD-PhilippineGov}}

Works by the government of the Philippines are not protected by copyright. A prior approval of the government is necessary for exploitation of such works for profit. However, the clause for prior approval is determined to be a non-copyright restriction and can be safely ignored for the purposes of Wikimedia Commons by policy. See discussion).

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COM: Cyprus

Republik Zypern

Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Cyprus

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COM: Russia


Public domain use {{PD-RU-exempt|stamps}}

Pursuant to Article 1259.6 of Part IV of the Civil Code (No. 230-FZ) of the Russian Federation dated 8 December 2006, official symbols and signs (flags, emblems, orders, banknotes, and the like), as well as symbols and signs of municipal formations are not copyrighted. Pursuant to Article 2 of Federal Law No. 176-FZ of the Russian Federation On Postal Service dated July 17, 1999, official signs of postage include "postage stamps and other signs put on mail that give evidence that postage has been paid".

Article 1.1 of Official Postage Signs and Special Postmarks Regulations, put into force on 26 May 1994 by Order 115 of the Ministry of Communication of the Russian Federation, defines the official postage signs concretely and labels postage stamps, souvenir and miniature sheets, stamped envelopes, and postal stationery cards as the postage signs. Even works still under copyright can be used by the Russian post, without altering the copyright status of the work used.[1]

A copyrighted painting can be used on an envelope or such and {{PD-RU-exempt}} will apply, without turning the painting into a Public Domain work. Prerequisite is that the Russian post acquired permission from the copyright-holder. We can safely assume that the Russian post has come to an agreement with the copyright-holder of such work.

Tuva stamps

Public domain use {{PD-RU-exempt}}.

From 1921 to 1944, Tuva constituted a sovereign, independent nation under the name of Tannu Tuva, officially, the Tuvan People's Republic, or the People's Republic of Tannu Tuva. The independence of Tannu Tuva, however, was recognized only by its neighbors: the Soviet Union and Mongolia.[2] Since 1944 Tuva has been part of the Russian Federation.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Russia

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COM: Saudi Arabia


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Saudi Arabia

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COM: Singapore


Red copyright.svg All stamps are under the copyright of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). No stamps may be reproduced without paying royalties to the IDA, if requested.

According to Singapore's copyright law, stamps become public domain 70 years after the death of the engraver or 70 years after their issuance, if governmental work. Use {{PD-SG-artisticwork}}.

The Singapore Philatelic Museum has been appointed to administer approval for reproduction.[3]
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Singapore

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COM: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Copyrighted. The Intellectual Property Act No 36 of 2003 is silent on stamps, so assume copyrighted until general term of protection expires. It seems that stamps would be public domain if published before 1 January 1949, use {{PD-Sri Lanka}}.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Sri Lanka

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COM: South Korea


Copyrighted According to Articles 39 to 44 of the Copyright Act of the Republic of Korea, copyrighted works enter the public domain 70 years after publication when made public in the name of an organization. Use {{PD-South Korea}} if published before 1 January 1963.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of South Korea

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COM: Syria


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Syria

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COM: Tajikistan


Public domain use {{PD-TJ-exempt}}.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Tajikistan

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COM: Thailand


Copyrighted The copyright of postage stamps is held by Thailand Post and lasts 50 years. Public domain for stamps published before 1 January 1969.[2537/1994 Sec.23]
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Thailand

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COM: Turkey


Red copyright.svg Under Law No. 5846 of December 5, 1951 (as amended up to Law No. 6552 of September 10, 2014),

  • The rights in works created by civil servants, employees and workers during the execution of their duties shall be exercised by the persons who employ or appoint them; provided that the contrary may not be deduced from a special contract between such persons or from the nature of the work.[6552/2014 Article 8]
  • If the first author is a legal person, the term of protection shall be 70 years from the date on which the work was made public.[6552/2014 Article 27]

The copyright for stamps therefore belongs to the Turkish government and lasts 70 years from publication. Thus, any stamp issued 70 or more years ago (published before 1 January 1949) is public domain.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Turkey

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COM: Turkmenistan


Public domain According to Law No. 257-IV of January 10, 2012, Article 7, state symbols and signs (flag, coat of arms, anthem, awards, banknotes and other signs) are not copyrightable; therefore the postage stamps of Turkmenistan are in public domain. Use the {{PD-TK-exempt}} tag for each image.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Turkmenistan

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COM: Uzbekistan


Public domain use {{PD-UZ-exempt}}.
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Uzbekistan

Copyrighted The 2002 UAE law states that such works as stamps are protected for 50 years starting from 1 January of the publication year. Yet the 1992 law gave a 25 years copyright protection (starting from the publication date). This means that all UAE postage stamps printed before 1977 are in public domain. Stamps issued after that year should wait 50 years.

One may tag Template:PD-United Arab Emirates stamp to any such image.

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COM: Vietnam


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Vietnam

Weitere Gebiete

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COM: Hong Kong


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Hong Kong

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COM: Macau


Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Macau

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COM: Taiwan

Republik China

Keine Information verfügbar
Siehe auch: Category:Stamps of Taiwan

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