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The State Library of Queensland is the central public library of the state of Queensland in Australia.

They have donated 50,000 public domain images, with metadata, to Wikimedia Commons.

The images fall under 50,000 subject headings, which need to be mapped to Commons categories.

The upload is being done by SLQbot (bot request). Images are grouped in Category:Images from the State Library of Queensland.

Things you can help with[edit]

  • Add category names to the subject headings so that images are automatically sorted into relevant categories. Check the list of Common keywords first so effort is not expended duplicating the categorisation that will be done by the bot.
  • Add Commons creator pages using {{Creator}} for the named creators.
  • Check the spelling and completeness of the image descriptions and other metadata.
  • Add geocoordinates to the images.
  • Add the images to Wikipedia articles and other appropriate places within WMF projects.

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