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In Australia the fundraising banner is comprised of an image from donated collection, and can be created by the community and placed into Category:2010 Wikimedia Australia SLQ Fundraiser Banners. The banner can be seen outside Australia by clicking here.

No. Image Description Creator Banner Start End
1 Warwick Church banner First St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, ca. 1865 Bilby and John Vandenberg [1] 2010-12-17T03:00 2010-12-18T08:00
2 StateLibQld 1 101584 banner Brisbane State High School pupils listening to the Anzac Day address, 23 April 1932 Bilby [2] 2010-12-18T06:30 2010-12-19T08:00
3 Oyster Cutter as banner, ca. 1894 Bilby [3] 2010-12-19T06:20 2010-12-20T13:00
4 Three ladies at the Ascot Races in Brisbane as banner, 1933 Bilby [4] 2010-12-20T10:30 2010-12-21T10:00
5 Caravan park banner Bilby [5] 2010-12-21T08:10 2010-12-22T08:00
6 Banner SLQ new building (not shown to logged in users) Elekhh [6] 2010-12-22T06:15 2010-12-24T10:00
7 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - 1908 Australian postcard John Vandenberg [7] 2010-12-24T08:00
8 Banner QLD Christmas 1897 cartoon by Garnet Warren Elekhh [8]