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This is the fifth progress report for the collaboration between the State Library of Queensland and Wikimedia community. This report was compiled between 24 November and ??? , summarising the activity from 7 September - 24 November, 2011.

The focus has been ....

Since the beginning of April there was a % increase in distinct images being used across the projects.


There are 16,779 from the State Library of Queensland in the category Category:Images from the State Library of Queensland. This is down from 16,945 last report, primarily due to the deletion of some post-1951 files that were mistakenly tagged as copyright expired. The category includes the 66 Pre-collaboration uploads.



Diane Cilento in 1954. This image, uploaded before the collaboration, was a big mover since the last report. Across the languages, usage has increased from 6 to 11, amid increased attention following her death on 6 October 2011.

?? distinct images (%) are used in articles on ?? sites, in ?? languages of Wikipedia, Wikiversity, Wikisource, Wikiquote and Wiktionary. This is an increase of ?? images usages since last report (60% increase). Some images are used in multiple contexts, and in total these images make a total of ??? appearances, including:

  •  ?? appearances in ??? articles on English Wikipedia. This is an increase of ?? image usages since last month (% increase).
  •  ?? appearances in ?? articles on German Wikipedia, due to an increase of ?? images usages since last report (164% increase).
  •  ?? appearances are now made in ?? articles on French Wikipedia.

At least ?? Wikipedia articles were created since April using these images. English Wikipedia created ??, German Wikipedia created ??, French Wikipedia created ??.