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84 categories created in February are being used to categorise images from the State Library of Queensland.

Category User Created
Bulloo River Mattinbgn 2011-02-14T06:53:50
Mayors of Goondiwindi Cerebellum 2011-02-23T04:23:42
Group portraits with many people Docu 2011-02-19T14:37:23
Yellow Patch Light Muhandes 2011-02-19T19:13:09
Mayors of Gympie Cerebellum 2011-02-23T04:42:17
1934 events in Australia John Vandenberg 2011-02-17T04:55:51
Central Hotel, Cairns Mattinbgn 2011-02-07T10:37:39
Bookmaker stands Cgoodwin 2011-02-17T22:31:59
Group portraits with 11 persons Docu 2011-02-19T14:39:11
Mayors of Ithaca, Queensland Cerebellum 2011-02-23T04:35:04
Eborac Island Light Muhandes 2011-02-16T22:59:35
Members of the Queensland Legislative Assembly Cerebellum 2011-02-23T05:09:24
Barambah Creek Mattinbgn 2011-02-14T07:49:27
Sales counters Bohème 2011-02-28T00:02:33
Burke River Mattinbgn 2011-02-15T02:49:39
Leichhardt River Mattinbgn 2011-02-13T10:50:52
Mayors of Ipswich, Queensland Cerebellum 2011-02-22T22:44:02
Group portraits with 6 persons Docu 2011-02-19T07:39:25
George Fitzwalter Cerebellum 2011-02-22T22:50:17
Northgate, Queensland El. 2011-02-23T16:32:17
Archibald Russell (ship) Botaurus 2011-02-11T19:14:58
Coomera River Mattinbgn 2011-02-14T07:20:17
Flying Cloud (clipper) Botaurus 2011-02-09T00:50:05
Forest Hill, Queensland John Vandenberg 2011-02-06T05:35:56
Starting barriers Cgoodwin 2011-02-16T00:23:52
Racing saddles Pitke 2011-02-14T18:27:26
Charleys Creek Mattinbgn 2011-02-14T06:50:37
Mayors of Bundaberg Cerebellum 2011-02-23T04:31:05
Proserpine River Mattinbgn 2011-02-13T10:56:56
Group portraits in 2 rows Docu 2011-02-19T14:24:49
Mayors of Allora Cerebellum 2011-02-22T22:45:53
Breakfast Creek Hotel Mattinbgn 2011-02-09T09:56:09
Imperial Hotel, Warwick Mattinbgn 2011-02-07T21:46:22
Criterion Hotel, Warwick Mattinbgn 2011-02-07T21:41:04
Mayors of Hughenden Cerebellum 2011-02-23T04:28:33
Group portraits with 3 persons Docu 2011-02-19T07:38:03
Black and white group photographs of men TFCforever 2011-02-10T05:10:09
Queens Gardens, Brisbane Anna reg 2011-02-26T12:19:46
George Milne Garitan 2011-02-22T16:13:45
Murarrie, Queensland El. 2011-02-23T16:22:07
Egypt in World War I Mtsmallwood 2011-02-19T11:36:28
Maroochy River Mattinbgn 2011-02-13T10:50:04
Blackwater Creek Mattinbgn 2011-02-14T07:10:18
Olivebank (ship, 1892) Stunteltje 2011-02-18T20:57:59
Garden fences Look2See1 2011-02-04T22:08:33
Automobile manufacturers of Australia Theodulf 2011-02-19T21:20:48
Wallam Creek Mattinbgn 2011-02-14T07:33:04
Cabbage Tree Creek Mattinbgn 2011-02-13T10:40:31
Seymour River Mattinbgn 2011-02-13T11:00:01
Comboyuro Point Light Muhandes 2011-02-16T23:01:11
Albert River Mattinbgn 2011-02-14T02:57:58
Mayors of Toowoomba with fur Kürschner 2011-02-22T13:24:39
Banks in Warwick, Queensland Mattinbgn 2011-02-07T21:50:30
Judges in equestrian sports Pitke 2011-02-20T10:05:40
Women with glasses Mattes 2011-02-02T16:53:59
Black and white photographs of gardens Look2See1 2011-02-07T21:01:08
Group portraits with 9 persons Docu 2011-02-19T14:20:44
Garden gates Look2See1 2011-02-04T07:25:56
Logan River Mattinbgn 2011-02-13T11:01:11
Aramac Creek Mattinbgn 2011-02-14T07:20:54
Military saddles Pitke 2011-02-14T18:36:14
1934 in tennis John Vandenberg 2011-02-17T04:54:30
Ithaca Creek Mattinbgn 2011-02-14T07:40:14
Group portraits with 4 persons Docu 2011-02-19T07:38:35
Cloncurry River Mattinbgn 2011-02-14T07:01:04
Stanley River Mattinbgn 2011-02-14T06:58:01
Mustering Cgoodwin 2011-02-20T22:28:46
Food sales counters Bohème 2011-02-28T00:50:50
Haughton River Mattinbgn 2011-02-14T06:59:55
Independent politicians of Australia Rcbutcher 2011-02-17T06:06:00
Flinders River Mattinbgn 2011-02-13T11:14:38
English Scottish and Australian Bank Mattinbgn 2011-02-24T10:23:52
Railway Hotel, Ravenswood Mattinbgn 2011-02-07T10:52:25
Lit à l'ange Bohème 2011-02-24T22:33:23
Photographs by George Schutze Botaurus 2011-02-26T02:15:11
Macintyre Brook Mattinbgn 2011-02-14T07:38:39
Imperial Hotel, Ravenswood Mattinbgn 2011-02-07T10:45:39
Tallebudgera Creek Mattinbgn 2011-02-13T10:37:15
Street lights in Queensland SieBot 2011-02-10T03:18:52
Bank of Adelaide Melburnian 2011-02-20T09:39:02
Boyne River (Burnett River tributary) Mattinbgn 2011-02-13T10:34:07
Langham Hotel, Warwick Mattinbgn 2011-02-07T21:43:24
Hotel Australian, Brisbane Mattinbgn 2011-02-07T10:27:06
Mayors of Sandgate Cerebellum 2011-02-22T11:39:58

10 of these categories were added to the subject map.

Category User Created
Albert River Mattinbgn 2011-02-14T02:57:58Z
Archibald Russell Botaurus 2011-02-11T19:14:58Z
Forest Hill John Vandenberg 2011-02-06T05:35:56Z
George Milne Garitan 2011-02-22T16:13:45Z
Maroochy River Mattinbgn 2011-02-13T10:50:04Z
Murarrie El. 2011-02-23T16:22:07Z
Northgate El. 2011-02-23T16:32:17Z
Ponape Botaurus 2011-02-11T19:43:29Z
Thomas Murray Ecummenic 2011-02-23T06:35:59Z
Thursday Island Wiki-uk 2011-02-28T18:51:43Z