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The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is an audiovisual archive located in Hilversum, the Netherlands. The collection of Sound and Vision contains more than 750,000 hours of television, radio, music and film. In 2009 Sound and Vision started the Open Images project. Via the Open Images website a part of the audiovisual collection is made available for reuse under a Creative Commons license. Many of these videos are now also available on Wikimedia Commons.


Aside from the current donations from the newsreel collection, Sound and Vision has previously made 50 videos from the collection of Stichting Natuurbeelden (Foundation for Nature Footage) available under a CC-BY-SA license via Open Images. In May and June 2014, during the Dutch WikiLovesEarth project, Sound and Vision again released over 500 videos of birds from the Netherlands. The videos are raw, uncut footage of different types of behavior of birds. Because the collection consists of raw, uncut shots, usage in articles on Wikipedia will often profit from the start-end functionality of the Wiki-syntax. E.g. "[[File:Filename|thumb|300px|start=5|end=12]]" will start a certain file at 5 seconds and will end it at 12. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to add these video fragments to articles click here.

The meta-data of this category was mostly in Dutch, but the community has translated the bird names into English and added the Latin bird names as categories.

The complete collection of Stichting Natuurbeelden contains many hours of video footage made in the Dutch nature. These consist of videos of different animals, plants and landscapes. For instance shots of White Storks, European hamsters, wild boars, the Wadden Sea, butterflies, flowers etc. All the videos can be viewed at the Stichting Natuurbeelden website.

We would like to ask you to help by adding these videos to the appropriate articles on Wikipedia. For any questions you can contact user Openbeelden (talk).

Released videos[edit]

Please see Category:Stichting Natuurbeelden on Open Images for all files.

We kindly ask for your help in adding the videos to the relevant Wikipedia articles.