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This policy is no longer valid on the Commons as March 13th, 2005. The current policy regarding Stock.xchng images is to be found at Commons:Stock.xchng images

Many images have been uploaded to the commons from the stock.xchng website. As most of the image pages have the comment "There are no usage restrictions for this photo" it has led many to believe that the images are effectively in the public domain, however this is possibly misleading as while uploaders have specified "no restrictions" when uploading their pictures, the site's terms and conditions impose additional restrictions on downloaders, including:

  • "Selling and redistribution of these photos (individually, or as a whole) without written permission is prohibited."
  • "You are not allowed to use any of the images found herein for the purpose of spreading hate or discrimination, or to defame or victimise other people, sociteties, cultures."
  • " are not allowed to build a gallery using the photos you downloaded from here."

These terms of use are clearly incompatible with the Commons, and so, in general, images from this site should not be used here.

It is arguable that these restrictions, which are agreed to as a downloader rather than specified by the uploader, are in the form of a contract with the downloader rather than a license by the uploader. Nevertheless, to avoid complications, explicit permission from the stock.xchng user should be sought. Some users have already specified explicit licenses on their user pages or otherwise specified that their images are free of usage restrictions that are unacceptable to commons. Some of these are listed below:

If you have found any more, please add them to this list in the same format.

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