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Notice Those interested in joining this effort, please read the graphics guidelines and contribute characters with verified stroke orders, or get your hands on some sources and verify new characters.
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Black & white images : 三-bw.png
Animations : 三-order.gif Wikic talk~
Red images : 三-red.png
Organisation and accessibility: Swift

Phonemic orthographies[edit]

See Commons:Stroke Order Project/Phonemic orthographies for an overview of these.

The Japanese kana (hiragana and katakana) both have full sets of "bw" images and the bopomofo only have three images missing. The hangeul only have a single upload.

High priority tasks:

  1. Complete the bopomofo.
  2. Complete the hangeul.

Low priority tasks:

  1. Add red gradient images and animations.

Han characters[edit]

There are three versions of these; the traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and Japanese. See Commons:Stroke Order Project/Han characters for a discussion about the overlap and distinction between these.

We have progress pages for the Commons:Stroke Order Project/Kangxi radicals, kanji and Commons:Stroke Order Project/Simplified Chinese progress. To contribute to any of these, browse the progress pages for a character with a verified stroke order and upload it. It will then appear in the right spot.

If you are interested in simplified Chinese characters, you should consider beginning with the Kangxi radicals as they provide handy references for the complete characters.

Uploading images[edit]

When uploading images, please use Template:SOlicense.

Notice We are currently working on {{SOP license}} to replace {{SOlicense}}.

Fonts to use[edit]

Please see the Font page for further information.


Lots of work to do here! We need to:

  1. Work on the new tempalte at Template:SOP license. This will also introduce some new categories. Discussions should take place at the project talk page.
  2. Do something about those out-dated translations of the project main page.
    • I've left notices on the talk page of those who helped translate (except the German page — User:Tauwasser seems to be on top of that for now).
    • Yes check.svg Done for the German main page! --Tauwasser (talk) 13:31, 1 February 2009 (UTC)
    • Let's give the others another month. If no-one bites, we should delete.
  3. Figure out how to sort the images in Category:Aorder.gif stroke order images, Category:Border.gif stroke order images, Category:Corder.gif stroke order images
  4. Find a reliable list to base the Commons:Stroke Order Project/Simplified Chinese progress pages on.
  5. Replace {{Hanzigallery}} where it is used to list non-hanzi characters (such as for the phonetic lists).
  6. Maybe: Get Category:CJK stroke order moved to Category:Stroke Order Project.

See also Yug's list: edit[edit]

Quarantene and/or to delete:

Order> 214 radicals
I just made a stroke order/graph review of radicals from 001 to ~150th, that's quite wonderful. Michelet, there are my comments!
100% China
Mix! O.ô, from ?來-order.gif (wrong)

To delete - page or redirect
Project page to manage
  • Link toward good fonts - create
  • Progress pages (Trad, Chinese, Japanese) - improve/create
Expertises & Abilities
  • Swift - HotCat.js.
  •  ? - deletions.
  • Micheletb - animations (advices)
  •  ?, ? - pages' management

Stroke order of 凯[edit]

Hi want to have a stroke order of 凯. But I don't have knowledge about create such thing. Help me.