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Schematic of the main user groups of Structured Commons

Roughly, nine groups or types of people will use Structured Commons. Each type has distinct needs and workflows.

The needs of these users are outlined in user stories.

Outline of user stories, version September 29, 2017

Viewers: They mainly visit Commons to find particular free files. They most likely never edit. Within this type are Remixers (people who will download, edit, and remix the images in their own new creations) and Embedders (bloggers, reporters, etc. who embed unaltered work on other pages).

Casual Uploaders: They actively (on average at least once every month) upload one image at a time (which may or may not be their own). These are amateurs who probably take most photos with their phones.

Batch Uploaders: They upload 20 or more images at a time using a batch upload tool. They are typically someone associated with a GLAM project, but not always.

Wikimedia enhancers: They are users on various wiki projects who search for images to use on those projects (Wikipedia, WikiVoyage, etc).

Photographers: They are pros or semi-pros who actively upload their own images to Commons. They are generally using DSLR/mirrorless cameras but may use phones in a pinch.

Editors: They actively edit media information on Commons for the sake of accuracy, completeness, or maintaining site quality.

Curators: They actively categorize, group, and label images to make things organized and easy to find. They may also be involved in picking featured, quality, and valued images.

Tool Builders: They are volunteer developers who write and release software to supplement Commons functionality or fill in functional gaps.

Admins: They are users who have special abilities to enforce the rules and primarily act as site enforcers of copyright policies and social norms. They may or may not actively donate media.