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This page brings together videos of presentations and workshops related to Structured data on Commons and GLAM-Wiki.

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For presentations, slides, articles, and other media coverage about Structured data on Commons only see Structured data/About/Press and presentations


2021 LD4 Conference on Linked Data[edit]

In July 2021, during the LD4 Conference on Linked Data, there was a tutorial that presented the context and possibilities of Structured Data on Commons for cultural and heritage institutions, also known as GLAMs.

Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2021[edit]

In February 2021, during Wikimedia Wikimeet India, there was a presentation title Discover Structured Data on Commons for you and your partners, by Alicia Fagerving, from Wikimedia Sverige.

Harvard Library[edit]

Video by Harvard Library demonstrating how to search structured data and how to add it in batches on Wikimedia Commons files using the AC/DC tool.


GLAM & Culture team office hours[edit]

The GLAM & Culture team at the Wikimedia Foundation periodically holds office hours to present or talk about important topics related to GLAMs and the Wikimedia community.

April 2021[edit]

Structured data on Commons was the topic for the office hours of April 2021.

On the first day, Carly Bogen, the Foundation's Program Manager for Structured Data, talked about the new Media Search and provided more updates on the Structured Data Across Wikimedia project. Jennie Choi, General Manager of Collection Information for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, presented her process of batch uploading Structured Data on Commons.

On the second day, John Cummings, Wikimedian in Residence at UNESCO, and Alicia Fagerving, Developer at Wikimedia Sverige (WMSE), shared Wikimedia Sweden's plans with Structured Data, GLAM content, and Wiki Loves Monuments.

October 2020[edit]

The meetings on October 2020 were about Structured Data. The first presentation was by Carly Bogen, the Foundation's Program Manager for Structured Data, who shared insights into Media Search and introduced the Structured Data Across Wikimedia project. The following presentation was by Alicia Fagerving and David Haskiya, who shared Wikimedia Sweden's plans for structured data on Wiki Loves Monuments contributions.

Slides for the presentation with Wikimedia Sverige's plans to work with Structured Data on Commons and Wiki Loves Monuments photos, by Alicia Fagerving and by David Haskiya

Wikimania 2019[edit]

Presentation on the cultural partnerships and Wikimedia space, during Wikimania 2019, about how Structured Data on Commons open many new perspectives for content partnerships and GLAM-Wiki projects that use Wikimedia Commons, including multilingual descriptions and more refined exchange of data between institutions and Wikimedia projects.


Introduction and panel about Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons and its pilots. It was presented by Sandra Fauconnier and it had the participation of Axel Pettersson (Wikimedia Sverige), Albin Larsson (Swedish National Heritage Board), Satdeep Gil (Punjabi Wikimedians User Group), Rubén Ojeda (Wikimedia Spain), and Sam.

Wikimania 2018[edit]

Presentation that summarized a research that the Research team at the Wikimedia Foundation did in late 2017, asking GLAMs around the world how they use and experience Wikimedia Commons. It was presented by Sandra Fauconnier and Jonathan Morgan, during Wikimania 2018, in Cape Town.

Wikimedia Commons and GLAM needs around the world

Wikimedia Conference 2018[edit]

During Wikimedia Conference 2018, there was a two hour workshop to collect potential GLAM pilot projects for Structured Data on Commons. It was organized by Pam Drouin, Sandra Fauconnier, Alex Stinson, Ben Vershbow, and Liam Wyatt.

Slides for the Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons GLAM pilot projects workshop

EuropeanaTech 2018[edit]

Presentation about Structured Data on Commons for a GLAM audience at the EuropeanaTech 2018 Conference, in Rotterdam, Netherlands

BAAC Conference 2018[edit]

Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons: Structuring and linking the world's heritage (and more!), by Sandra Fauconnier, during BAAC Conference, in Tallinn

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