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The computer-aided tagging tool's current design mock-ups are below. The goal of the tool is to help users add depicts statements to images on Commons. This tool is designed to not be a burden to Commons maintenance; the tool will only be available to confirmed or autoconfirmed users. In order to reduce the likelihood of vandalism or misuse of the tool, only computer-suggested tags are available to confirm and publish from the tool -- should users choose to add additional tags to an image’s file page, they will have to go directly to the file page by clicking (or tapping, for mobile) on the image to reach the file page itself. The purpose of this design consultation is to share how the structured data team thinks the tool will be used and gather feedback about these assumptions, and identify any missing underlying workflows or concerns using the tool.

The tool uses Google Cloud Vision to analyze images and suggest tags, with a MediaWiki extension serving as middleware between Commons users and Google Cloud Vision. Please read over the computer-aided tagging project page for more information about what the service is and how it works.

Submitting images for suggestions[edit]

Users have the option to opt-in to receive a notification to review their images for depicts suggestions when using the UploadWizard. The opt-in option appears after publication in the UploadWizard, when the user is presented with links to their files.

This opt-in for notification can be also selected in Special:Preferences, and users can opt-out from receiving notifications there as well if they change their mind.

Accessing images after processing[edit]

Images ready for suggestion review can be accessed in two ways.

  • Visiting Special:SuggestedTags, which will also have a link in the sidebar
  • A notification if the user has opted-in and submitted images through the UploadWizard

Reviewing suggested depicts tags[edit]

Google Cloud Vision will offer a maximum of ten suggestions to a user per image. These suggestions can be accepted or ignored. Only accepted tags will be published. Data dumps from this process will be made available.

Curation and administration[edit]

After suggested tags are processed and published by a user, the edits enter the regular workflow of Commons. They appear in Special:RecentChanges with the tag computer aided tagging and have all the maintenance features available such as undo, rollback, revision deletion, and suppression.

The data can be accessed on the file page using the structured data tag, and can be qualified, edited, or removed from there.

Watch the workflow[edit]

There are recordings available of using a prototype of this tool. Please watch these first.

This recording demonstrates the “Popular” uploads tab, where any auto-confirmed user can review or skip an image’s suggested tags. Users will be confirming tags for the best and most used images on Commons and Wikipedia.

This recording demonstrates the “Personal” uploads tab, where any auto-confirmed user who has opted in to the tool and hasn’t added Depicts statements to their images via the Upload Wizard will see their images with suggested tags for their review.

Thoughts or concerns on workflows[edit]

Please leave any questions, comments, or concerns you might have about the design of the work and its projected impact on Commons.

Visit the talk page.

Mockup gallery[edit]

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