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The Structured Data on Commons development team is looking to make sure of design and functionality for adding, editing, and removing statements. Test-Commons is used for this. You must be logged in to test depicts; Test-Commons is tied to CentralAuth so your account here should work there without any action from you. If you need to log in, your Wikimedia username and password are your details.

In this exercise, we're looking to add simple "depicts" statements. The development team thinks it is important to be conservative when adding depicts at this stage, as further descriptions can be added with support for other statements in the near future. Follow the steps below, and then answer the feedback questions.

Testing steps[edit]

  1. Visit Test-Commons
  2. Select a file, by either random file, latest file, or upload your own file
    Actual images will not be displayed on Test-Commons
  3. Select the "Structured data" tab, located below "Open in Media Viewer" and to the right of "File information"
  4. Select edit, or simply start typing in the search box to get started
  5. For each depicted item in the image, find the appropriate item from Wikidata and select it

You can also experiment with adding additional depicts, removing statements, and ranking using the "Make primary" option.

Please leave your feedback on the talk page.

If your testing finds no major concerns or flaws that you'd like to comment on, please let us know that as well. Even a simple “Looks good to me” is helpful feedback.

Feedback questions[edit]

  1. Keep in mind that since this is a prototype there might be bugs or quirks that you’ll come across.
  2. What are your first impressions of the depicts interface? Does anything stand out to you? Is anything surprising or confusing?
  3. What was your favorite part of the depicts interface, if anything?
  4. What frustrated you the most about using the depicts interface? What improvements would have made the tasks you worked on easier?
  5. Is anything particularly hard to figure out?
  6. Is anything missing?
  7. Can you think of any existing tools, templates, or workflows that might critically break because of things added here?

Known issues[edit]