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The first implemented feature for Structured Data on Commons will involve file "captions." The Caption field will enable users to enter brief descriptions of media in multiple languages. These descriptions will be stored on Commons as structured data using Wikibase, via the MediaInfo extension, instead of wikitext. (Caption information will not be stored on Wikidata.)

On the surface level, the multilingual Caption field (and the forthcoming multilingual Details field) are the structured data versions of the Title and Description fields. The purpose of the new field is the same, but markup capabilities in the new field (and the subsequent new field, multilingual Details) may be different than how the Title and Description fields are handled.

The following wireframes explore designs for the process of adding captions during the upload process, when the contributor using the Upload Wizard.

Full requirements will be determined out at a later date, but some initial requirements/needs include:

  • allowing users to enter captions in more than one language at a time
  • determining an appropriate max character length for the Caption field and how to communicate this clearly to the user
  • handling both right-to-left languages and left-to-right languages
  • options to use the filename (minus extension) as the initial text box value for the caption

Phabricator ticket: T180642


The multimedia team would like feedback on the direction of this feature. Please post your ideas at the end of this page, in the Discussion section.

Version 1: Only a Caption field added; no further changes to the Upload Wizard[edit]

With version 1, the current design of the Upload Wizard can be maintained, with multilingual captions handled in the same way that multilingual Descriptions are handled. There would be minimal changes to the user interface and workflow, and it would be the easiest to implement.

Version 1: Minimal change

Designer notes for version 1[edit]

  • Adding the Caption field follows the existing design pattern of Description.
  • The “Next” button is changed to “Publish”, to be clear that the Describe step is complete.
  • The minimal change to the UI will mean that people can quickly pick up on the existing design pattern of multilingual description.
  • Should be the easiest to implement, which might be preferable due to a possible complete redesign of the Upload Wizard in the future.
  • Each additional field will make the Describe step in the Upload Wizard even longer.

Version 2: Caption field added; help text visible[edit]

Version 2 is a “middle of the road” approach. The current pattern for adding metadata in a multilingual field is maintained, but the help text is made more visible to users, especially new or infrequent users.

Version 2: Some changes

Designer notes for version 2[edit]

  • Echoing the previous mockup, adding the Caption field follows the existing design pattern of Description, and the “Next” button is changed to “Publish”.
  • The biggest difference between version 1 and version 2 is that the help text has been moved from the “i” (information widget) to the surface. Note: All of the help text is illustrative, and would need to be rewritten for accuracy.
  • Placing the help text directly on the surface will help contributors put their information in the correct fields, by explaining what belongs in each field.
  • The other change is the date field, which has been updated to match the Wikimedia UI design system.
  • Note: Just like the previous mockup, each additional field will make the Describe step even longer.

Version 3: Caption field added; help text visible; tabs for extra languages[edit]

Lastly, multilingual captions can go down a different path. Version 3 uses a new design pattern for adding multilingual fields that can be extended to additional multilingual fields during the upload process, if new ones are added.

Version 3, with a language dropdown option

Designer notes for version 3[edit]

  • Incorporates the benefits of version 2: the “Next” button is changed to “Publish,” the help text is brought to the surface, and the date field is updated.
  • The biggest difference is the multilingual fields (Caption and Description) have a different design pattern, with the ability to add 3 to 5 additional languages.
  • Combining all languages in one tabbed field will take up less screen space for contributors who add multilingual metadata.

Interaction flows for version 3[edit]

The screenshots below illustrate the interaction flow of adding languages in the Upload Wizard with version 3. The images shows what the page looks like, how it changes when you hover over a tab, and then what happens when you click the tab.

Adding a second language[edit]
Adding a language to a caption
Adding an additional language[edit]
Adding a second language to a caption
Removing a caption[edit]
Removing a caption