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Are you an organizer of a "Wiki Loves..." style upload campaign on Wikimedia Commons, such as Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Art, Wiki Loves Africa, Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Love...? In the future, it will also be possible (but optional!) to perform such campaigns with Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons.

Structured Data on Commons for campaigns: what does this mean?[edit]

Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons (SDC) is deployed in 2019. With SDC, Wikimedians can add data from Wikidata to files on Wikimedia Commons. Among other benefits, because Wikidata is multilingual, this makes it possible to search the files on Wikimedia Commons in any language, not just English or the language in which the file was uploaded.

Practically, for Wiki Loves... style campaigns, this will mean that you allow campaign participants to describe their files on Wikimedia Commons with structured data from Wikidata, during and after uploading. This makes sense when most of the 'things' that people will photograph (i.e. your country's monuments, national parks, plants and animals, cultural habits...) are already on Wikidata.

Examples of structured data include:

  • the specific monument's or artwork's Wikidata item(s);
  • and/or one or more Wikidata item(s) describing what is depicted in the uploaded file (e.g. a mountain, type of plant/animal, activity...)

To see how this will work in practice on file pages, check the current Depicts testing.

In addition, it will also become technically possible to (perhaps automatically) tag campaign-related uploads with one or more Wikidata item(s) related to a specific campaign, in addition to using categories for tracking campaigns.

Why structured data?[edit]

The general reasons why structured data is added to Wikimedia Commons file are listed at Benefits include multilinguality of Commons files (users can find and describe files on Commons in many languages), and machine-readable data with better APIs, that offer more advanced possibilities to build applications like Monumental.


Please note that this is optional. If campaign organizers want to continue working with only the established system of templates and categories, that is entirely possible.

Structured data features for campaign UploadWizard: your input is welcome[edit]

Deadline and planning[edit]

Deadline for this consultation is Wednesday 17 April 2019. After collecting your input, the team can then refine its planning for development.