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This page contains an overview of how to model information (metadata) about files on Wikimedia Commons in Structured Data.

The current templates are used as a starting point of what to model.

How to model specific types of metadata[edit]

Here, we look at specific types of metadata for a file: for instance, how to model the various dates and times that are related to a file; how to model the various kinds of authorship?

  • Date Crystal128-configure.svg Work in progress
  • ...

How to model specific types of files[edit]

  • a digital photograph
  • a digitized analog photograph
  • a faithful digital representation (digital surrogate) of a creative work
  • a faithful digital representation of a map
  • ...

Simple own work upload[edit]

To describe a simple own work upload:

General issues[edit]

  • What should be the general order of statements in the structured data statements tab? The community can indicate and change this order at MediaWiki:Wikibase-SortedProperties. (See the equivalent page on Wikidata)
  • Distinction between a digital file, and a creative work shown/depicted in a file
    • When should a creative work (for instance a map, drawing, print...) get its own Wikidata item?
    • How to deal with data duplication between Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons?