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How to model various types of times and dates in structured data, for files on Wikimedia Commons

Caution: distinction between a digital file, and a creative work shown/depicted in a file[edit]

When a file on Wikimedia Commons shows/depicts a creative work, date information about the file and about the depicted work are usually very different.

In some cases (when? criteria?) it is best to describe the creative work as an item on Wikidata to keep this distinction clear.


Modeling various dates and times related to Wikimedia Commons files[edit]

Type of metadata Notes Wikidata property Status
Creation date Too generic? What is exactly the creation date of a file? inception (P571) Specify further? Crystal128-configure.svg Work in progress
Publication date First time shared with a wider audience (affects copyright status) publication date (P577) Crystal128-configure.svg Work in progress
Date depicted Map or other representation of a specific date date depicted (P2913)
Example Example Example Crystal128-configure.svg Work in progress

General notes and remarks[edit]


(list files below that provide best practices on how to model various situations)