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Generic properties[edit]

The properties below apply to all types of files.

Property / Aliases Currently exists on Wikidata as Data type Qualifiers Remarks
Depicts / Manifestation of / Digital representation of depicts (P180) Item See below Same property for things 'depicted' in an audio file.  It is actually more 'manifestation of' or 'digital representation of'
Depicted place Item To be included in 'Depicts' in general.
Depicted event Item For instance, for photos of a specific festival, a play, a musical performance. To be included in 'Depicts' in general.
Depicted date date depicted (P2913) Time
Depicted period Item where a specific date cannot be given; compare time period (P2348), set in period (P2408)
Date of file creation / Scan date inception (P571) (maybe a more specific subproperty is warranted)
production date (P2754)
Source website No, to be created Item The Wikidata item of the website where the file was taken from, e.g. YouTube, Flickr, Europeana, a museum's website
Source URL Probably to be created. There is reference URL (P854) (reference URL) but that is for references specifically URL The specific URL where the file was found on the source website
Institution's media file identifier No, to be created (probably 1 identifier property per institution) Identifier For institutions whose media repositories have unique and persistent identifiers for individual media files. Not to be confused with identifiers for creative works.
Created with support by sponsor (P859) Item To indicate a funder, a Wikimedia affiliate, and/or a specific program through which this file was created or uploaded
Wikimedia campaign/project (e.g. Wiki Loves Monuments) Item
Creator / Photographer creator (P170) Item or 'User' Roles object has role (P3831), e.g. Photographer Of the file itself - the 'thing depicted' will also have a creator and that might be a different person.
License reviewer No, to be created 'User' somewhat relative Wikimedian (Q41546637), access level (Q28456321), Wikimedia:User access levels (Q4616064)
Other version(s) No, to be created Commons file possible derivative work (P4969) for the cases of Derivative work / Extracted file; but the scope of 'other version' should be wider
Derivative work / Extracted file derivative work (P4969) Commons file
Derived from file / Extracted from file based on (P144)
proposal:extracted from
Commons file Or different properties? 1 for derived, 1 for extracted?
Or possible qualifier fabrication method (P2079)cropping (Q785116)
Part of series/whole part of the series (P179) Item
Series ordinal series ordinal (P1545) String (number) To indicate the file is in the nth position of a series
Follows follows (P155) Commons file To indicate the previous file in a series
Followed by followed by (P156) Commons file To indicate the next file in a series
Link to this file in external service (e.g. IIIF, map warper) URL or Identifier Qualifier indicating the specific external website the URL refers to
Language language of work or name (P407) Item Applies to part
Quality assessment Commons quality assessment (P6731) Item Valued image, featured image... (or use badges?).
Media legend media legend (P2096) Monolingual text Media item's caption. Meant to be replaced by structured data at Commons
Inscription mentions inscription mentions (P6568) Item
FEN position in Forsyth-Edwards Notation (P6648) String To describe chess diagram in that notation
Comparison image proposal:comparison image image Same image with different exposure settings

Read-only reflections of primary data held elsewhere[edit]

(see also "EXIF data", below)

Property / Aliases Currently exists on Wikidata as Data type Qualifiers Remarks
Type of media file No, to be created Item Photograph, audio file, video file, 3D file
Mime type media type (P1163) Item?
File format file format (P2701) Item jpeg, png,
Date of upload to Wikimedia Commons inception (P571) with qualifier (maybe a more specific subproperty is warranted)
production date (P2754)
Time publication date (P577) could be another possiblity
Uploader 'User'
File size : height height (P2048) Quantity in pixels
File size : width width (P2049) Quantity in pixels
Data size data size (P3575) Quantity

Qualifiers for things depicted in a file[edit]

'Depicts' also applies to works represented in non-visual media - for instance a composition or song that is performed in an audio file.

Property Currently exists on Wikidata as Qualifiers Remarks
Depicts depicts (P180) -> Item (can be a person, location, object, artwork, map, book or other publication, theater production, song, animal…)
depicted part (P5961) e.g. head (Q23640) of a person, interior (Q2998430) of a building, etc.
shown with features (P1354)
Additional information about an object depicted.
(Controversial -- should the object have its own Wikidata item, and these be main properties on it? What if these proposed qualifiers in turn need to be qualified?)
title (P1476)
Subtitle subtitle (P1680)
Original title title (P1476)
Original subtitle subtitle (P1680)
After To denote a creator made something after someone else's creation
creator (P170) Roles (e.g. printmaker, etcher…) - would be qualifiers of qualifiers, something not currently possible...
possible creator (P1779) From technical perspective, a qualifier for creator would be better (indexing)
contributor(s) to the creative work or subject (P767)
commissioned by (P88) (Item)
Printed by (Item) publisher (P123) or printed by (P872)
Print location (Item)
inception (P571) (Date)
collection (P195) (Item) Collection or archive in which the depicted item is guarded. (The FILE representing the collected item has a source website and a source URL)
coordinate location (P625)
genre (P136) (Item)
based on (P144) (Item) For indicating which works the depicted work is derived from, e.g. an engraving after a painting.
Credit line (String)
Page number page(s) (P304)
Language language of work or name (P407)
depicts Iconclass notation depicts Iconclass notation (P1257) -> Iconclass (Q1502787) subproperty of (P1647) of depicts (P180)

EXIF(-like) data[edit]

Metadata from files' EXIF information will be extracted upon upload and stored in Wikibase at Commons. The original EXIF metadata stays embedded in the file itself, unmodified, even if the extracted metadata in Wikibase is modified by the Wikimedia Commons community.

Non-image media files (e.g. sound and video files, 3D files…) strictly have no EXIF data, but similar metadata applies to them which can be stored in Wikibase at Commons in the same way. More generic properties will help to describe various file types in a similar way.

Property Currently exists on Wikidata as Qualifiers Remarks
Equipment manufacturer Exif make (P2010) Item Camera manufacturer in photo EXIF data
Camera model Exif model (P2009) Item Camera manufacturer in photo EXIF data
also image captured with (P4082) with item-datatype
Exposure time exposure time (P6757) Item Photograph-specific
F-number f-number (P6790) Item Photograph-specific
Focal length focal length (P2151)
ISO speed rating ISO speed (P6789) Item Photograph-specific
Date of data generation inception (P571) with qualifier, point in time (P585) with qualifier, or new property
production date (P2754)
Software used for production of digital file No, to be created Item

Two-dimensional images[edit]

Property Currently exists on Wikidata as Qualifiers Remarks
Depicts depicts (P180) Item See detailed Depicts info
Specific for (digitally-born) photographs
Camera coordinate location / Photographer coordinate location coordinates of the point of view (P1259) Coordinates Might be valid for audio/video files as well
View direction direction (P560) heading attribute in {{Location}}
Setting e.g. studio for photographs in a studio setting
Specific for maps
Spatial reference system spatial reference system (P3037)
Bounding box coordinates of northernmost point (P1332), coordinates of southernmost point (P1333), coordinates of easternmost point (P1334), coordinates of westernmost point (P1335)

3D files[edit]

Property Currently exists on Wikidata as Qualifiers Remarks
Depicts depicts (P180) Item See above
Geometry No integer unit of geometry (e.g. triangle) not geometry as in volume as quantity (P2234) but geometry in amount of triangles
Vertices No integer total amount of vertices, used to describe complexity of a model
MIME type/extension media type (P1163) Item see above
Fabrication Method No Item
Number of Images used in Creation No String
Software used (See above, mentioned under EXIF-like data)
Link to 2D Render No
Instrument used The tool used to create the model
Pivot point coordinates coordinates of the point of view (P1259) Coordinates For 3D objects depicting some real-world features so they can be properly georeferenced.

Audio and video files[edit]

Property Currently exists on Wikidata as Qualifiers Remarks
Depicts / Recording of depicts (P180) Type of Call (mating, warning, etc.)
Some kind of time marker Unsure if needed
EXIF for Audio No
Duration duration (P2047)
Cover art image image (P18) Used in search results too
Speaker speaker (P823) or performer (P175) Person that you hear in the audio record
Transcription ? Textual transcription of what is said in the audio record. May be associated with a specific language and translations in other languages.

Copyright and licensing[edit]

System-search.svgSee also: d:Help:Copyrights.
Property Currently exists on Wikidata as Qualifiers Remarks
Commons file's copyright status copyright status (P6216)
Rationale for Commons file's copyright status determination method (P459) Example: a faithful 2D representation of a 2D public domain artwork is also considered public domain. determination method (P459) might not cover all the needs.
Commons file's license license (P275)
Commons file's OTRS ticket Wikimedia OTRS ticket number (P6305)
Commons file's rights holder(s) copyright holder (P3931)
Personality rights warning
Attribution text Might be author, title (CC BY pre-4.0), attribution party (CC BY 4.0), or some combination
Depicts depicts (P180) Copyright status of the depicted thing
Rationale for copyright status of the depicted thing
license (P275)
OTRS ticket for the depicted thing
Rights holder for the depicted thing copyright holder (P3931)

Not fully processed yet[edit]

Property Currently exists on Wikidata as Qualifiers Remarks
Method of capture
Language Language of work or name Community might want to split this property
Language depicted
Language included
Discipline / field of work For example. geology for the subduction diagram
Photographer position
Watermark boolean y/n / image
Animated? boolean y/n / covered in file type