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Since the deployment of Structured data (SDC), there is information/metadata stored, as traditionally, in the wikitext (generally using templates), and as Structured Data. Often, information is stored in both systems. There are however cases where the information is different between both systems. There are tracking categories to surface such situations.

Coordinate reconciliation[edit]


  • this file description has {{Location}} template with coordinates
  • this file also has SDC coordinates of the point of view (P1259) property with a different set of coordinates (go to the structured data tab on the file to see it - the Structured Data tab is below the photo and 'Open in Media Viewer')


  • In general, because one set of coordinates was updated (but not the other) since the last synchronization
  • In rare cases, the bot which copied the coordinates from wikitext to SDoC made a mistake

How to fix:

One set of coordinates, either the one in {{Location}} in the file description or the one in SDC, is wrong. Replace the wrong one with the correct one (either by editing the wikitext, or by editing the statement in the “Structured data” tab.

  • If the coordinates in file description are wrong, they can be removed leaving empty {{Location}} template (beware that this is controversial with some users)
  • If the SDC property is removed, then it is likely to be added by the bot again based on the wikitext (which is desirable in many cases, not necessarily all)
  • If none of the above work, the problem perhaps can be solved simply by clicking "Purge" in the right panel (on desktop.)


This warning has nothing directly to do with the location stored in the embedded Exif metadata − only insofar as bots might have copied the location from the Exif to either or both of {{Location}} and SDC. To solve this warning, you do not need to edit the embedded Exif.

Location of the “Structured Data” tab