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Aino Ackté, opera singer from Finland.
Olga Andersson, Swedish actress.
Costume design by Isaac Grünewald.

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The Swedish Performing Arts Agency (Statens Musikverk) is a Swedish government agency whose goal is to promote and support music projects in Sweden, as well as to preserve the country's cultural heritage in the areas of music and performing arts. The Music and Theatre Library of Sweden, which was founded in 1771 and belongs to the Agency since 2011, is one of the world's oldest and largest research libraries of its kind. Apart from over a 100,000 books and music scores, it also boasts large collections of manuscripts and archival photographs.

The Contribution[edit]

The Swedish Performing Arts Agency has been contributing to Wikimedia Commons since October 2017. Some of the highlights:



  • The Helleday Collection – 2,291 photographs from the late 19th and early 20th century. They were created by various Swedish photographers and collected by Olof Fredrik Wilhelm Helleday (1840–1917), a pharmacist from the city of Falun in central Sweden. The photographs depict famous theater personalities of the era, as well as scenes from dramatic plays and operas.[1]
  • The Glass Plate Negatives Collection – over 3,000 scanned glass plate negatives from the early 20th century, including portraits of prominent theater personalities as well as scenes from dramatic plays and operas. The majority of them had not been made available to the public before.
  • The Stereo Cards Collection – 166 stereo cards from the second half of the 19th century. They were published in France and contain scenes from various operas and dramatic plays. The stereo cards are hand-colored and appear as either monochrome or colorful depending on the direction from which they are illuminated. To demonstrate this, each card is represented by two separate files:

Audio files[edit]

All audio files from the collections of Musikverket are in the category Audio files from the Swedish Performing Arts Agency.

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  • Recordings of nyckelharpa music, made by Jan Ling.
  • Audio files, a representative selection of older music recordings in various genres. About half of this contribution is Karl Tirén's joik collection, a unique set of recordings from the 1910's. They are the first recordings that ever have been made of the musical tradition of the Sami people. Some of the recordings are accompanied by scanned sheet music or other related images.
  • Recordings of folk music by Matts Arnberg. Made throughout the 40's and 50's, these recordings document the folk music of several regions in Sweden and Swedish-speaking Finland. They were uploaded as part of Wikimedia Sverige's project Free music on Wikipedia.
    • This collection also includes a number of photographs that were taken during the recording expeditions and show some of the musicians.

Musical autographs[edit]

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