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There is currently no consensus (largely due to a lack of discussion) to standardize Commons' templates with the styles presented here. Much of our focus has been on a content-based level (e.g. internationalization), rather than on an aesthetic level. There's also no consensus about not using these templates and users have indeed started to use them. Thus, while templates do not have to conform to these styles, users may use the style templates documented below if they wish.


Currently, there are two "template style" templates. {{mbox}}, the general message box for any namespace, and {{cmbox}}, a message box for categories. More specialized versions may be added in the future (like one for talk pages), however, you can use {{mbox}} for everything since it will switch styles based on namespace. The current style {{mbox}} uses was created for the file and gallery namespaces. If you use this elsewhere (like on your userpage), keep in mind that it may change drastically in appearance at some point in the future if a new type of style template is created for that namespace.

Examples of {{mbox}}[edit]

In order to create a license template, please refer to Help:Authoring a license-template.

Examples of {{cmbox}}[edit]

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