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The Wikimedia Toolserver is a special platform that allows analysis on data from Wikimedia Foundations wikis. It replicates the database contents in three partitions: S1 (English Wikipedia), S2 (some major languages), S3 (all others), with varying degree of delay (replag = replication lag).

See also Commons:Tools, Category:Toolserver link templates and the Toolserver Confluence Maintenance log.

CheckUsage (Duesentrieb)
Checks whether an image is being used on other Wikimedia wikis so it can be orphaned before deletion.
CommonsSense (Duesentrieb)
Attempts to guess which category an image belongs in.
CommonsHelper {Magnus Manske)
Generates summary text to copy and paste when transferring images from local wikis to commons.
Push for commons (Magnus Manske)
A tool to mass copy images suitable for being transferred from local wikis to the commons.
CommonsClask (Duesentrieb)
Identifies images on the commmons which are being hidden by locally uploaded media.
Commons Sumitup (Magnus Manske)
Generates summary text for gallery pages from local Wikipedias.
CommonsTicker (Dusentrieb)
Collects information regarding critical events to images on the commons (deletion etc.) and posts notices on local wikis that use the involved image.
hist Toolserver status
Last update 1 July 2014
MySQL rosemary down
MySQL daphne down
MySQL yarrow down
Replag s1 N/A
Replag s2 N/A
Replag s3 N/A
Replag s4 N/A
Replag s5 N/A
Replag s6 N/A
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