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English | 日本語 | 中文(简体)‎ | 中文(繁體)‎ | +/− This is a proposal for a script to transfer a single image from a Wikipedia to the commons.

Notice that this is not a bot. It is completely human-controlled and applies to only one image at a time.

User interface[edit]

The script should be available as a simple form, similar to the Upload file page, but simpler.

The form should be something like

 Interwiki link to image: [____________________________]
 Filename to assign: [______________________]

Commons end[edit]

The script should

  1. detect filename collisions on commons and refuse to do anything if there is one
  2. copy the image file to the new name
  3. transfer the text and its copyright tag
  4. transfer the image history (including all old versions of the image and text (needed to trace authorised or unauthorised license changes on the source project as well as to fully preserve the history))
  5. include a small message indicating which wikipedia we copied the image from and who originally submitted it (in a way which can't be tampered with, so there is no doubt that it is accurate and the original uploader is legally responsible for any infringment; otherwise uploader to Commons will be responsible)
  6. put the image in the unsorted images category

Local end[edit]

The URL must point to an image that is

  • on a Wikimedia hosted project
  • tagged with either {{PD}} or {{GFDL}} (and with identical license terms, including disclaimers, to those at the time of upload on the original project)

The script should

  1. request deletion of the image (indicating that it has been transfered to commons)
  2. (if applicable) modify all documents that use the image so that they point to the new filename on commons
  3. if the image is a GFDL image:
    1. remove it from all pages using it, as a GFDL license infringment, because the project which used to hold it no longer meets the GFDL requirements (doesn't say that the image is GFDL, for example). Report the image as a copyright infringement so it doesn't get added back by mistake.
    2. somewhere, note that the image was removed, so when the local projects do include the license information sufficient to comply with the GFDL, the image can be restored to the articles which used to use it.
    3. Ensure that the GFDL tag on Commons is identical to the one use on the originating project at the time the image was submitted to the original project - same lack of disclaimer or disclaimer link, same GFDL license version. This requires checking the image description at the time it was submitted and also looking to see if the copyrigh tholder has granted any subsequent modified licenses (different disclaimers mainly). If this is not the same, it's a license breach (different license terms) and also copyright infringment at Commons. Note some at en at least have been adding incorrect GFDL license tags, with different terms from the license granted, so simply having a GFDL tag is insufficient.
    4. Alternatively could request from the uploader permission to use without complying with the GFDL and copy only with that permission - this is by far the safest legal route, even though it requires a non-GFDL license.
    5. Inform all third party sites linking to the image history at the original project as their non-GFDL license that they are no longer complying with that license because the history is no longer where they are pointing. Tell them the Commons page to link to so they can link to the history there. Hope that the GFDL licensor doesn't object before they change.

Third end[edit]

This script could also be helpful on other wikimedia projects. For example, it could

  • search other wikimedia projects for files of the same name and/or
  • follow the interwiki links for articles which use the image

Then it could

  1. compare the images: and it is the exactly the same image, do the same steps as on the local end