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A Book of Photographs[edit]

Work space:[edit]

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About this book[edit]


  • To create a free photography book. Free in the sense of freedom, not just price.
  • To include photographs from 5 continents: North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe

Why 366?[edit]

  • Because the year has 366 days, and this book can be a source for calendars, or for a 30 minute slideshow.
  • Because 366 is a good amount of photographs, it will allow us to include a enough number of photos for every continent.

Index of photographs[edit]

Photographs that can be included:[edit]

  • Photographs made on the beach.
  • Beautiful or meaningful images - Don't include a photograph just because it was done on the beach. Put just the photographs you would like to see on a book that you buy.
  • With a minimum resolution 1024 pixel on one side (for example 1024x768), so that they can be used as screen savers, multimedia DVD's and included on small printed books or calendars. Post only high quality files.
  • Licensed under a free licence, similar to Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 or Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

How can I include an image ?[edit]

The best way is to upload an image in Wikimedia Commons and link it by inserting a tag like [[Image:NameOfImage.jpg]]

Please take a moment to learn how wikimedia commons work. If you follow their rules, everything will be fine.

Where to get photographs[edit]