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Rollback buttons added by Twinkle.

Twinkle is a script created by AzaToth at It provides users with three different rollback buttons to fight vandalism, and makes warning others easier. Furthermore, admins can use it too for batch-deletion. The development status for this script is unknown, but hopefully a version specifically for Commons will be made.


1. Currently a script is available. Copy and paste the following into your common.js:
2. Save the new common.js page.
3. Completely refresh your browser by bypassing your cache (Firefox: Control-Shift-R / Firefox Mac: Command-Shift-R)
4. Done!

Administrator scripts[edit]

importScript('User:Kanonkas/twinklebatchdelete.js'); // Only for deleting pages, not files. See below for the file deleting script.
importScript('User:Kanonkas/twinklebatchdeletefiles.js'); // Only for deleting files.

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