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Twinkle does not work on Commons, but User:Mdaniels5757 is developing a new version that will!
For now, for some of its functions see Help:QuickDelete and meta:User:Xiplus/TwinkleGlobal. For documentation, see w:en:Wikipedia:Twinkle/doc.

Mr. Twinkly
Mr. Twinkly

Shortcut: COM:TW Twinkle is a JavaScript Wikimedia Commons gadget that gives autoconfirmed registered users many extra options to assist them in Commons' maintenance tasks and to help them deal with acts of vandalism or unconstructive edits. It provides users with three types of rollback functions and includes a full library of speedy deletion functions, user warnings and welcomes, maintenance tags, semi-automatic reporting of vandals, and more. In addition, it gives administrators more tools to help them carry out their duties.


You probably should not be installing Twinkle yet. It is under active development by User:Mdaniels5757. You probably only should install it if you are Mdaniels5757, or they ask you to help. If you're fine with errors and using very much in development software, you can install it too, but I don't recommend it.

You can install it by going to Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-gadgets, and, under Tools for authorized users at the very bottom, enabling "Twinkle (developer use ONLY):".

Source code[edit]

Source code is available at GitHub.

Development progress by module[edit]


  • Unlink
  • Batchdelete (D-batch)
  • Batchundelete (Und-batch)
  • Batchprotect (P-batch)
  • Fluff
  • Diff

Mostly done:

  • Speedy (CSD) (now with 42% fewer bugs!)
  • Config (but changes will need to be made as development continues)
  • DI (Image)


To do:

Not doing:

  • Prod (does not exist on Commons)
  • Deprod (does not exist on Commons)
  • Welcome (done automatically)

Known bugs[edit]

  • When an admin deletes using Twinkle, there are no links in speedy deletion reasons. For direct deletions, I suggest admins either tag the page with Twinkle and delete using the little trash can, or delete using the standard MediaWiki page without using Twinkle. Tag-only mode is not affected.

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