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Upload artworks[edit]

Click the button below to publish wikiArS contributions.

Upload a file

It will bring you to the custom wikiArS Upload Wizard that will ask you to upload the file, to choose a license and to provide information about your artwork

Some useful repositories[edit]

3D Objects[edit]



1. Have you done any advance on the project this week?


2. If in the last question your answer was true, have you sent this advances to the supervisor of your project?


3. If in the last question your answer was true, have you recieve an answer from your supervisior?


4. Which advances have you done in the project this week? Select one or more:

  • Search information about my project
  • Compare similars projects
  • Create or modificate the sketch of my project
  • Search suitable materials for my project
  • Adapt the sketch to Blender
  • Assigning or modification of materials and/or textures to the project
  • Assigning or modification of lights to the project
  • Assigning or modification of movements to the elements of the project

5. Have you done rendering tests for your project?


6. Have you published on any media the progress of your project?


7. Type any additional information you consider necessary to take it into account
8. In this last question, type the title of your project and upload the progress that you have done. To send your progress you have the following options:

  • Website links where you have found additional information or similar project
  • A photograpy (for the sketch)
  • A screenshot
  • The .blend file
  • A rendered image